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Astronomy news in Montreal Newspapers in 1960.

Eclipse of the Moon  1960 March 13.
Publicity about Montreal Centre, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Reference to the "St. Lambert Station" was the back deck on the second floor
of the duplex rented by my parents.  The then President of the Montreal Centre,
A.R. Maclennan and others met at my house (I was 19 years old) where my parents
were gracious hosts and provided refreshments on a cold night that was mostly cloudy
and with snow falling on our telescopes most of the time.

The 1960 General Assembly
of the
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

This was the first meeting where the term "General Assembly" was used
and the first time a general meeting of the RASC was held outside of Ontario.
This was preceded by an "At Home" in 1958 in Hamilton where the annual meeting of the RASC
was held outside Toronto for the first time, and in 1959 in Toronto where papers were presented.
The multi-day meeting was back in Toronto in 1961, but the term "General Assembly" was not used
for that meeting.  The term has been in constant use since the General Assembly in Edmonton in 1962.

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