30th anniversary reunion of 1973 eclipse

A group of nine members of the Toronto Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada drove to New York in three cars in June 1973 for a journey on the "Canberra" for a two week cruise to view the total solar eclipse of 1973-06-30 off the coast of Africa. This was the second organised eclipse of the Toronto Centre (the first was to Bonaventure, Quebec the year before). Of the nine who travelled together, six were able to make the 30th anniversary reunion at Ralph Chou's home on July 12. Those who made the reunion were Ugo Bartole, Ralph Chou, Jim Cobban, Cathy Hall, Jim Low, and Penny McCabe. Those unable to make it were Nick Fraser, Jim MacKenzie, and John Morriss.

The first photograph here was taken by Lucy Chou, with Ralph Chou's camera. The remaining photographs are by Jim Low.


Part One: The Reunion

L to R: Ralph Chou, Ugo Bartole, Penny McCabe, Cathy Hall, Jim Low, Jim Cobban
Photo by Ralph Chou

Cathy Hall and Jim Cobban

Penny McCabe

Hugo Bartole and his wife Arlene

Ralph Chou

Ugo Bartole and his wife Arlene

Penny McCabe and Cathy Hall

Ralph Chou and his wife Lucy


Part Two: The 1973 Eclipse Trip

"SS Canberra" -- our cruise ship

On our way: Cathy Hall and John Morriss

Nick Fraser was above us: he had a porthole

Tour of Tenerife, Canary Islands: Cathy Hall

Ralph Chou setting up

Ugo Bartole all set up

Cathy Hall and Jim Cobban on deck

Jim Low making weather observations and recording light level

Cathy Hall making final checkout

John Morriss is ready. Cathy Hall at right

Cathy Hall viewing partial phase

Jim MacKenzie and Cathy Hall just before totality

Nick Fraser, Penny McCabe, Ugo Bartole just after totality

Out last night at sea begins


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