Transit of Mercury
Photos by Jim Low

No, I didn't attempt to photograph the transit. I showed up at Cathedral Bluffs just before sunrise on the morning of the eclipse, and photographed people and their setup. It appeared hopeless for seeing the transit. But, as my luck would have it, there was a break in the clouds that allowed us to see it. Thanks to those who shared the short viewing time with me and others. I actually saw the transit!

Here are a few pictures.


"Would everyone kindly move a few metres forward."


"Hey! Eyes up! The sun is visible!"


"What do you mean 'the transit will be clouded out'?"


"Have I got a deal on a telescope for you!"


"Gawd, I need a Tim Horton coffee."


"Is my telescope pointed in the right direction for the transit?"


"The sun comes up over there, behind the clouds."


"Quick, you might catch the transit!"

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