RASC Office

Photos by Jim Low

These are a selection of pictures I took when I visited the office of the Royal Atronomical Society of Canada, 136 Dupont Street, Toronto, on 2003 October 9.

Front entrance of RASC, 136 Dupont Street, Toronto.

Inside the front door.

Always a friendly greeting from Bonnie Bird, our Executive Secretary.

"Let me get back to work! Just look at all those boxes!"

Just some of the boxes.

A closeup view of one of the boxes.

The new publications.
The "Observers Handbook 2004" just arrived and will be coming your way soon.
"Skyways" is for educators.

Working with Bonnie is part time employee Isaac McGillis (seated).
Visiting today is Ralph Croning from the Winnipeg Centre (standing).

Two visitors at top of stair leading to the library.
Ralph Croning of Winnipeg Centre (left), James D'Mello, visitor.

Isaac McGillis, Bonnie Bird, Ralph Croning (Winnipeg Centre), Jim Low (Toronto Centre)

In the Library downstairs.
Student Arton Orel, preparing mailings to educators announcing "Skyways."


Following are a few examples of old publications in the RASC library.
There is a wealth of historical information here, on both the RASC and astronomy.

The first page of our first publication. 1890.

Correspondence to Andrew Elvins, who founded the "Toronto Astronomy Club" in 1868.

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