Starfest 2003

photos by Jim Low


A selection of my personal photographs taken at Starfest, 2003.


Normand Fullum, the artist who made this telescope. Don't ask. He's already sold it.


A closeup of the work of art. We knew Astronomy and Art were closely related. We all appreciate beauty.


Montreal Centre "old timers" of the 1950s and 1960s, with current Montreal Centre president Bill Strople.
Geoff Gaherty, Bill Strople, Constantine Papacosmas, Jim Low, David Levy


Andreas Gada, Bonnie Bird




Terence Dickinson


Jim Low (me!) with my telescope


Looking to Zenith. 28mm, f3.5 ISO400, 120 seconds. 2003-08-24 02:29UT.
Lyra near centre.

Looking over my tent towards Mars, tent being illuminated by red light sitting at base.
28mm, f3.5, 30 seconds, ISO400. 2003-08-24 04:45UT


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