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Jim Low

I received my new 10" Sky Mentor Dobsonian Telescope in 2003 July. It is not designed for taking photographs, but decided to give it a try anway. In addition, I tried some astrophotography with my 35mm camera for the first time, with a 28 - 200mm lens. The first few photographs show my first attempts. Okay, so they are not great. But, heck, they ARE my first. Maybe I will improve with time.

Conjunction of Moon and Mars 2003 July 17. Hand-held camera. 1/60 sec. f5.6, 200mm ISO 400.


Summer Triangle. 28mm f 3.4 ISO 400 at 30 sec. tripod mounted.
From inner city Toronto with lots of lights around and gibbous moon up.

Above two pictures of the moon taken 2003 July 19 through 25mm eyepiece of 10" f5 telescope
with 35mm camera set at 28mm f 3.4, exposures 1/60 and 1/250 seconds each. ISO 400.
Camera was mounted on a tripod and placed directly over eyepiece.


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