Tot's Slides 1959 - 1960
Scanned and compiled by Jim Low

Hattie Patterson (Tot) Tanner had 583 slides in six metal slide trays and one small processor-supplied box.  Only one slide tray was labeled, which was marked "Extras" and contained a mixture of apparently "edited-out" pictures of her 1959 European trip and some various scenic pictures.

In going through the slides, I created a database to number each and record details as she wrote on each slide frame and, in case of family pictures, add identification of people where I could determine them.  Originally, I thought it would be nice to record the numbers in chronological order as the slides were taken, but that became only partially successful.  The question was "How did she file the slides? In the trays, did she file from left to right or right to left, and front to back or back to front?"  There was no way to determine the order of trays.  I decided to use my personal method of filing slides, and recorded each tray from left to right and front to back.  In later review, it appears this was the method Tot used.  I also recorded as I found the trays stored in a large box: this was only partially successful, and the sequence of the trip was not always maintained.  In displaying the trip pictures here, I have tried to roughly adjusted them in order of the trip, based on her trip journal.  Family pictures were obviously different: Tot did not maintain an order based on date or any other method that I could determine.  I attempted to group one set: those taken of family members while on her 1959 European trip, but which she filed with family pictures.  Tot also made a trip to the Brussels World Fair in 1958 and had slides, as I recall her displaying these when she returned.  However, I have been unable to locate these slides.  She may have given them to another member on this tour.

With each picture is my database arbitrary reference number starting with the letters "ST" and if contacting me about a picture, reference should be given to this number.  The numbers are in sequence, as I found the slides in the slide trays and box.  They do not appear strictly in sequence here, as I attempted to order some of the trip pictures in chronological order.  At the single-picture frames, I have included Tot's comments, if any, as she recorded them on the slide fame.  On some family pictures, I have added in [square brackets] my own comments which identifies people.

No effort was made to select slides.  All slides are given here, and some are pretty bad -- mostly focusing issues.  Apparently the camera was a Hasselblad "middle format" camera that took 21/4 x 21/4 size pictures -- and this is the slide size (not 35mm) that Tot took.  I seem to recall that this was a manual operated camera and depended on the operator to manually adjust exposure and focus.  In the collection, there are some 35mm slides which she mounted in blank middle format slide frames with electrical tape, and those pictures you see here that are not square are commercial slides she bought on her trip and included in her collection.  Besides the slides, I have in my possession the "middle-format" slide projector she used (still in working order) and her projection screen.  I do not have the camera and seem to recall that after Tot's death, it was sold by her two sisters who inherited her limited estate: Mina Tanner/Low and Grace Tanner.

I recognise that the trip slides are of limited interest to family, but are included here for historical purposes.  Besides family, there may be researchers who may find some historical sites of the past of interest.

The slides have been broken down into three catagories as indicated on the links below.  Click on the links for each set of pictures:

Family pictures 1959 - 1960
These also include scenic and other events in Canada.
Trip to Europe 1959
This was her trip in 1959 from July 5 to August 18.
These are miscellaneous slides that Tot apparently edited out of her showings.

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