Genealogical Database of Jim Low
Jim Low

Last update: 2011-04-21

This contains the entire record of my genealogical database covering all families related to me, both directly and indirectly through marriage. Included is an index of surnames, contents of individuals, and family cards for everyone, listing parents and children. By clicking on names, it will take you to that family. Except for living people, information included on each individual includes dates and places of birth, marriage, and death. For some, biographical information and pictures are included.

In some cases, links to earlier generations have not been proven, but are shown where circumstantial evidence is strong. In such cases, it is noted in the Notes field.

This is an ongoing project. Please report corrections, changes and additions to Jim Low at the contact information noted at the bottom of this page.

References have been documented but are not included here. Some references refer to living individuals and email addresses, and for privacy reasons I do not give out email addresses without permission. If you wish references on specific items in this database, please contact me and I will provide it as long as it does not violate my privacy policy.


For living individuals or for people born after 1911 with no known death date, only initials and surnames are given and they do not appear in the index. This is a standard genealogical practice for web based genealogies, where it is recognised that confidentiality is respected by not including detailed information on living individuals. If you find private information on yourself or other living individuals here, please advise me and I will correct this error. This may happen if neither birth nor death date is known.

I will not give out information on living people, nor provide email or other contact information. If you wish to contact someone in this genealogy, I will forward your email address upon request and that person may decide to contact you or not.

Names are considered public information if no personal information is provided on the individuals. Names are rarely unique. The simple act of a birth announcement in a newspaper or a wedding is public information and some information was obtained from archives of newspaper announcements. Names appear in telephone books, city directories, and voter rolls -- all public information. For living individuals, I have taken care to remove from the web database any details other than initials and surname.

I will remove your initials and surname of you and your children if you so request. However, please carefully consider such a request since Family History research is a valid and important part of our social history. Having names of living people on this genealogy site is a valuable tool in tracing others who can add to the historical information on different branches of the family. Your name appearing here allows you to link it to earlier generations to see the progress of our family over the generations.
BBabcock, Babyn, Bachiler, Bachus, Bacon, Baden, Badger, Badman, Bagley, Bailey, Bailis, Baillie, Baird, Baker, Baldwin V, Balfour, Ball, Balliet, Bannister, Bar, Barbara, Barber, Barclay, Barclay (Barkley), Barefoot, Barger, Barkell, Barker, Barkinrede, Barkwell, Barnabe, Barnet, Barnett, Barr, Barrett, Barrowman, Barrowman (Borrowman), Barry, Barthel, Bartine (Barton), Bartlett, Batchelder, Batson, Battenberg, Baudry (Beaudroy), Bavaria, Baxter, Beamish, Bean, Bearne, Beattie, Beauchamp, Beauclerc, Beauclerk, Beaudoin, Beaufort, Beaumont, Beaupre, Bechanan, Becherer, Beck, Beddington, Begg, Beke, Belding, Bell, Bellefeuille, Bellingham, Bennett, Benson, Bensted, Bentham, Berkeley, Bernard, Berry, Bertram, Bessette, Bessiles, Bessils, Béthune, Betty, Bewley, Bibby, Bicket, Bickford, Bicknell, Bignal, Bignal (Begnell), Bigwood, Biledo, Bilsland, Bircher, Birge, Bishop, Bishopson, Black, Blackwood, Blair, Blake, Blaylock, Bleigh, Blenchow, Blenchow (Hicks), Blewitt, Blois, Bloise, Blount, Bluetooth, Blyth, Boardley, Bogan, Bohemia, Bo(illegible)man, Boleyn, Bollie, Bone, Bonner, Bonney, Bontognali, Borrowman, Bostwick, Bosworth, Bothwell, Bourassa, Bourbon, Bowes-Lyon, Bowick, Bowie, Bowman, Boyd, Boynton, Brackenridge, Bradborne, Bradbury, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bradstreet, Brady, Braganza, Braid, Brakenridge, Braman, Braman (Brayman), Brayesfield, Breckenridge, Brennan, Brereton, Brewster, Brimacombe, Briscoe, Brittany, Broadfoot, Brockunier, Brome, Brook, Brooks, Brossard-Descheneaux, Broun (Brown), Brousseau, Brown, Brown (Broun), Browne, Browning, Bruce, Brunswick, Brunswick & Zelle, Brunton, Bryan, Bryans, Bryant, Bryden, Bryson, Buchan, Buckingham, Buek, Buick, Bullen, Bumstead, Bunker, Burgundy, Burke, Burleigh, Burleigh (Burley), Burley, Burley (Burleigh), Burn, Burness, Burness (Burns), Burnet, Burnett, Burns, Burqie, Burrell, Burroughs, Burrows, Bursley, Bush, Buss, Butler (See Hydes / Butler), Butman, Buttery, Byley, Byrnes
CCadenhead, Cadieux, Cadow, Cady, Caennmor, Caird, Caird (Kaird), Cairns, Caithness, Caitness, Calahan, Calderhead, Caldwell, Calef, Callahor, Cameron, Campbel, Campbell, Camville, Cant, Capell, Cardell, Cardenby, Carie, Carinthia, Carley, Carnegie, Carnegy, Carr, Carruthers, Carslake, Carson, Carthness, Cary, Cass, Cassiday, Cassidy, Castile, Castille, Catanach, Cate, Caulderhead, Caw, Cawley, Cawston, Chadwell, Chalmers, Chalon, Chambers, Champaigne, Champion, Chandler, Chant, Chapman, Chard, Charie, Charlebois, Charney, Chase, Chenery, Cherleton, Chesley, Chibenhurst, Child, Childs, Chilveis, Chrisrism(?), Christie, Christieson, Christison, Church, Churchill, Churchward, Clair, Clair (Claire), Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Cleghorn, Clemens, Clements, Clempson, Clerke, Cleves, Clifford, Cline, Clito, Clogston, Cloudesly, Cloudslay, Cloudslay (Cloudslie), Cloudsley, Cloudsley (Cludslay), Cloudsley (Cludslay) (Cloudslie), Cloudsley (Cludslie), Cloudslie, Cloudslie (Cludslay), Cloudsly, Cloudsly (Cloudsley), Cloudsly (Cloudslie), Clow, Clowdsly (Cloudsley), Cluddesly (Cloudslie), Cludislie (Cloudslie), Cludslay, Cludslay (Cloudslie), Cludsley (Cloudsley), Cludslie (Cloudslie), Cludsly, Cludsly (Cloudsley), Cluidslie, Clunie, Clutterbuck, Coats, Cobb, Cochrane, Cockpen, Coder, Codman, Codnor, Cody, Coffin, Coffman, Coggershell, Coggeshall, Coggswell, Coker, Colcord, Cole, Colekirke, Coleman, Colison, Collender, Collingwood, Collins, Colton, Comrie, Conley, Connar, Connaught, Conner (Connar/Connor), Connon, Connor, Constantineau, Constantinovna, Cook, Coombes, Coons, Cooper, Cooter, Copeland, Copley, Corbeil, Coriscal? <illegible>, Côte, Cotterell, Cotton, Coughlan, Coulombe, Coulter, Coupar, Courtenay, Courtney, Coutts, Coutu, Cowan, Cowie, Cox, Craich (Craig), Craig, Craik, Cram, Cramphorne, Cranston, Craro, Cravat, Crawford, Crawfurd, Cree, Creichton, Crellet, Crepon, Crewdson, Crichton, Crites, Croad, Crockett, Croker, Crole, Croll, Cromack, Crombie, Crooks, Crouchback, Crow, Crowell, Cruickshank, Cruikshank, Cryderman, Cummer, Cummer (Kummer), Cumming, Cunningham, Curl, Currie, Currier, Curry, Curtis, Curtiss, Cuthbertson, Cutright
MMacArthur, MacArthur (McArthur), MacCulloch, MacDonald, MacGregor, MacIntosh, Mackay, MacKenzie, Mackey, Mackie, MacKinnon, Mackintosh, MacLachlan, MacMillan, Macnider, MacPherson, Mader (Maider), Maher, Maiden, Maikie, Main, Mainwaring, Mair, Malcolm, Malloy, Mann, Manzer, Marchant, Marcil, Marcille, Marden, Margaret, Margaret of France, Margrave, Mark, Markland, Markle, Marmon, Marshall, Marston, Martel, Martha, Martin, Mason, Massey, Masters, Mather, Mathers, Matheson, Mathie, Mathon, Matlock, May, Mayor, McArthur, McAulay, McAulay (Macaulay), McBay, McBlane, McBride, McBurney, McCafferty, McCall, McCall (McCaa), McCandlish, McCarty, McCauslin, McChristie, McClaymont, McClaymont (McClement), McClement, McClemont, McClewnan, McClieve (McCliver), McClounan, McClounan (McClewnan), McClure, McClymont, McClymont (McClement), McCock, McConnell, McCrackan, McCreary, McCreath, McCreath (McCrachan), McCrindle, McCrone, McCrotchart, McCruer, McCulloch, McCullough (McCulloch), McCutchan, McCutcheson, McDermeit, McDerment, McDerment (McDermont) (McDermeit), McDermett, McDonald, McDongall, McDowell, McEwen, McFadzean, McGavin, McGillivray, McGrandel, McGreath, McGreath (McCreath), McGruer, McHardy, McHutchison, McIlratle, McIlwrath, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, McKechnie, McKenal, McKenzie, McKeown, McKergan, McKergor, McKerrow, McKettrick, McKewn, McKill, McKinlay, McKinley, McKinnell, McKitrick, McKullop, McLaren, McLary, McLean, McLemond, McLne, Mcloor, Mcloy (McCloy), Mclure, McMeeken, McMillan, McMorland, McMullan, McMullen, McMurdo, McMurphy, McMurray, McMurtrie, McNab, McNabb (McNab), McNair, McNeil, McNider, McNider (MacNider), McNob....?......?..., McOwat, McPeak, McPhail, McQuestin, McRath, McSkiming, McSorley/McSourly, McWhirter, McWilliam, McWilliam (MacWilliam), Meaddie, Meanes, Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, Mein, Melcher, Merrey, Merrick, Merrill, Merry, Meyers, Michaels, Middleton, Milk, Mill, Millar, Millar (Miller), Millen, Miller, Millor, Mills, Millward, Miln, Milne, Milnett, Milward, Minty, Mister, Mitchal, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moir, Molison, Molyson, Monaghan (Monnican), Montagu-Douglas, Mooers, Moore, Moorhead, Moreland, Morgan, Morieux, Morrill, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Mortain, Mortimer, Morton, Mosher, Mouat, Moug, Moulton, Mountbatten, Mourant, Mowat, Mudle, Mugg, Muir, Muldrew, Mullen, Mullerin, Mulligan, Munchesne, Mundell, Munro, Munto, Murchie, Murdoch, Murdock, Murphy, Murray, Murrin, Murry, Muskett, Myers, Myles, Myres, Myrick
SSadd, Sadler, Saing, Salmon, Salter, Samant, Sanborn, Sanborn(e), Sancerre, Sandwich, Sanger, Sarub, Satterswaite, Satterthwaite, Saulter, Saunders, Sautar, Savory, Savoy, Sawyer, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, Saxe-Gotha-Altenberg, Saxe-Meiningen, Saxton, Scanlan, Scheff, Schoger, Scobbie / Cochrane, Scot, Scott, Secord, Secord (Savaurd), Seguin, Selby, Seller, Semon, Semple, Senlis, Sequin, Severe, Sexsmith, Seymour, Shair, Shakespear, Shakespeare, Shand, Shankland, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaver, Shaw, Shelley, Shepard, Shepherd, Sherburne, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherratt, Shibles, Shiels, Shiriff, Shirriff, Shouldice, Sievewright, Sighterman, Silent, Sillar, Sim, Simms, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Sinclair, Skeilte, Skinner, Skipsey, Skofield, Slasson, Slater, Sleeth, Slouart, Small, Smardon, Smart, Smiley, Smith, Smith (Smyth), Smy, Smyth, Snaith, Snetsinger, Snider, Snow, Snyder, Sodington, Solomon, Somerset, Soper, Soren, Souter, Souther, Southesk, Soutter, Spanzie, Spark, Sparling, Spears, Speck, Speedie, Speery, Speir, Spencer, Spiers (Speer), Spinie, Spofford, Spofford (Spafford), Spooner, Squires, St Jean, St. Amand, St. Clair, St. Jean, Stacey, Staddon, Stafford, Stalker, Stalkert (Stalker), Stanley, Stapleton, Stasley, Stauffer, Steel, Steele, Stephen, Stephenson, Steppe, Sterns, Steven, Stevens, Stevens (Stephens), Stevenson, Stewart, Stienberg, Stinson, Stitt, Stockdale, Stockley, Stokes, Stone, Stormont, Stover, Strachan, Strader, Straketon, Strangeways, Strattoun, Streeter, Striech, Stringer, Stronach, Stuart, Sturley, Summers, Sunquist, Surgeuor, Sutherland, Sutton, Sutton or Dudley, Swaine, Sweden, Sweet, Swillington, Swynford Roet, Symonds