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Learning From Mistakes
Jim Low
copyright 2000


Divorce is always a traumatic experience. But it is also a learning experience. When active in a group for Separated people, we were always trying to be helpful to each other. One evening, the topic was "Learning from our Mistakes." We took turns, going around the circle we sat in, explaining our mistakes in the breakups.

It came to my turn. "Mistake? I didn't make a mistake" was my reply. "I gained four wonderful children in my marriage. We all had wonderful times together. Perhaps she felt she made a mistake. I regret it didn't work out. But I wouldn't have passed up the wonderful experience of raising four unique children and learning from their different personalities. I wouldn't have passed up the experience of us all having wonderful times together. If I had it to do all over again, even knowing the outcome, I would still have married the same woman and not changed a thing. This was no mistake."

- Jim Low

2000 November 5

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