Jim Low

copyright 2000


I used to fly subway cars. When my kids were young, and we took the Bloor/Danforth line, I told my kids I was really Superman in disguise, and to prove it, I would make the subway fly. As we approached the Bloor viaduct, where the subway goes over the Don Valley, I would stand up, push hard up on the railing with all my strength, and watch the kids fascinated looks as I took the subway from underground and made it fly over the Don valley.

Of course, I told the kids the fact I was Superman was "top secret." I warned them not to tell a soul, as I had to change my secret identity from Clark Kent, as THAT secret got out.

A few days later, one of the mothers of the neighbourhood kids came up to me and said she knew my secret. Of course, she had to prove to her kids she was Wonder Woman, and that we were the best of friends. She LOOKED like Wonder Woman, too. Wish we really WERE the best of friends! But the rumours got around the neighbourhood that I was Superman and she was Wonder Woman, and that we were real close...

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