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A miscellaneous collection of some of my writings over the years.

All writings are copyright by Jim Low ©1983-2008

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Rainsford Farewell
My speech given at the full family gathering for the last time before the sale of the family home after 33 years.

Children's Theorem
Doesn't everyone know the "Children's Theorem?"

Footprints on the Ceiling
A story about love of children, no matter what.  Describes the joys and pains of life in a family.

The Verandah
Life goes by as I sit on my verandah.

The Back Lane
There's more life in the back lane than you realise.

Folks at 29
A story of an extended family in Ottawa during the mid 20th century.

My Spinster Aunts
Spinster aunts can be very lovableloveable.  These aunts helped raise family.

Spiritual Journey
A trip to the Yukon and Northwest Territories taught me the truly important things in life.

Labrador Daze
Have you every tried driving across the Trans Labrador Highway?  I did.  In a Chevette!

Do you remember...?
Short items of nostalgia.

I really am Superman. Just ask my kids!

My Three Loves
Learning from the three loves in my life

The "mistake" I didn't make.

Step-Parent Secrets
Yes, there are only two secrets to successful step-parenting!

Letter to a new-born
Letter to the new-born daughter of a friend

Community of Garages
Is or society turning into a community of garages?

Girl Guide Cookies
What happened to the girls who sold these cookies?

Adventures of Eclipse Chasing
Solar Eclipse of 1988 -- Of my many trips to see solar eclipses, this was the most important.

Comet Adventure
My son and I "enjoy" driving a snowmobile trail, in a car, to observe a comet.

Dark and Stormy Night
Solar eclipse of 1999 -- an adventure of just one small part of this trip.

Internet not ready for Prime Time
Frustrated with the so-called "easy internet?"  Do you question the so-called "ease?"  Then read this.

Christmas Newsletters since 1987.
Since 1987 I have sent out an annual newsletter to friends and family.  Between 1987 and 1999 they were all-text with no graphics, with the one exception of a map in the 1996 issue, so have included these all in one file.  Starting in 2000, I included photos and they are listed separately.  The early ones were simple and short items just mentioning activities of the family.  By 1991, I tried to add some spiritual aspect to it and by 1994 I had an annual theme.  See if you can pick out the theme of the year.  Note the first and last word of the main body of the text starting in 1998.

Christmas Newsletters 1987-1999
"Gatherings" of my annual epistles where the later versions had a thoughtful theme of the year.

Christmas Newsletter 2000
Gatherings for the year 2000.

Christmas Newsletter 2001
Gatherings for the year 2001.

Christmas Newsletter 2002
Gatherings for the year 2002.

Christmas Newsletter 2003
Gatherings for the year 2003.

Christmas Newsletter 2004
Gatherings for the year 2004.

Christmas Newsletter 2005
Gatherings for the year 2005.

Christmas Newsletter 2006
Gatherings for the year 2006.

Christmas Newsletter 2007
Gatherings for the year 2007.

Christmas Newsletter 2008
Gatherings for the year 2008.

Christmas Newsletter 2009
Gatherings for the year 2009.

Christmas Newsletter 2010
Gatherings for the year 2010.

About Me
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Family Album