A Screeching General Assembly
St. John's
2004 July 2 - 4

by Jim Low


"We know our priorities..."

"...but we really
did conduct some business..."

"...like baking cakes...

"...and eating cakes."

"Isn't our President too young to retire?"

"I see the GA is being held in the west next year.
I guess that means I'll have to travel all the way to Corner Brook."

"Forget what Garry said, Bonnie. It's in Kelowna."

"Just because someone else is now President doesn't mean you have to run off."

"I've waited 25 years to become President!"

"I command all 140 of you to get cozy."

"All right, the one who said
'Newfies who try to speak French murder the language almost as much
as Newfies who try to speak English murder
that language' ---

"Now that I'm President, I expect a little respect."

"Let me show you exactly what's invloved."

"Watch where you put that knee!"

"Climbing higher and higher."

"Not bad."

"Being a Royal Society, I decided to become King."

"Okay, let's start the Screech-in."

No one is exempt from the Screech-in."

"Not even Kings..."

"...past Presidents..."

"...or past-past Presidents."

"Now, don't you regret taking the substitute flat warm Coke, instead of the real Screech?"

"I might let you out of this for a new telescope."

"Ahh... one person who appreciates Screech."


How many of you took a side trip to Corner Brook to view the Cook Monument?


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