An Ogopogo General Assembly
2005 May 20 - 23

by Jim Low

Seven Past Presidents!?
Just proves why astronomers live to ripe old ages:
They keep saying "Just one more eclipse."

"Maybe I'll get a decent photo at the next eclipse."

"Maybe we can reach they sky."

"Why are you watching a game and not out observing?"

"I'm sorry, but your order call is out of order."

"With all these observers here, we should collect that $2 million."

"Okay -- here's our proof.  We collect the $2 million."

"How many channels will that pick up?"

"I know I'm old when they name buildings after people I knew."

"It all sounds very official in name..."

"...but we call it 'Bob' -- meaning 'Big orange balloon'."

"Repair equipment for Bob."

Observatory on the Hill  (Jack Newton's B&B).

"Yes, Castor is visible in the daytime."

"What are you doing in Jack's office?"

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