A Wet General Assembly
2006 May 19 - 22

by Jim Low

My usual annual irreverent view of the General Assembly.
My apologies to those who don't like my sense of humour.


The Star of the Show!

Okay, this makes it official.

Let's get on with the show!

"Oh come on, Franklin, it's not that bad!"

"Here's proof there are aliens from outer space visiting us!"

Here comes the Pyramid!

"I want you, you, you, you, and you on the bottom."

"Leslie, get back here!"

"This is my last official function as president."

"Let's make this good!"

"Take it easy."

"We did it -- thanks to our alien!""

The Centre of the Universe was hidden in the display room.

"All you folks made this hard work almost worthwhile."

"There are a few more 'little green men and women' who helped."

The "Tyco Brahe Drinking Society" serenades us.

"Who are these ancient members of the Montreal Centre from the 1960s?"

"Will amateur astronomers still be doing useful work?"


Music of the spheres?

"It was just an itty-bitty satellite, but it really worked well."

Of course!

"Did we run out of wine, as usual?"

"How many times will I have to rule motions out of order this time?"

Out with the old and in with the new.

"What use am I now?"

"We'll make good use of the 'Past' part."

"Maybe Galileo's problems is that he wasn't a diplomat."

"You would tell me my talk is obsolete before I even begin!"

"Let's eat!"

"I put on this suit so no one would recognize me."

"I remember when men wore suits even at the paper sessions!"

"Now, let's see... what was it you did to get this award?"


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