Jupiter and Mars

Drawings made on 2004 March 10/11

by Jim Low

The night of 2004 March 10/11 was exceptionally clear with good seeing, rated at 7 out of 10. I was able to see more detail on these planets than I have seen before. In the case of Jupiter, there were hints of considerable fine detail not shown in the drawings. I am not an artist: the disks were drawn free-hand. I have difficulty getting proportions right.

These observations were made from my back yard, using my 10" f5 Sky Mentor Dobsonian reflector. South is at the top.


Jupiter. 2004 March 10/11. 02:43 to 03:10 UT
Eyepieces: 6.3mm, 10mm, 6.3mm x 2 barlow, 10mm x 2 barlow


Saturn. 2004 march 10/11. 02:14 to 02:39 UT
Eyepieces: 6.3mm, 6.3mm x 2 barlow


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