People at the Transit of Venus
2004 June 8

by Jim Low


I didn't take one picture of the transit. I figured there would be enough without mine. I just took pictures of the scene around the transit "station" at Cathedral Bluffs. I didn't even make my usual temperature reading as I normally do at eclipses. This certainly was a small annular eclipse! I observed with naked eye as the sun came up, then used #12 welder's glass, then #14. Venus was easily visible with the naked eye, I also projected two images of the sun with 10x50mm binoculars. I had a tripod but no tripod adapter for the binoculars. In case someone is interested, binoculars are vey steady when afixed to a tripod with electrical tape and much cheaper than a tripod adapter.


"Okay, we're ready for the transit. The Tim Horton's donuts are here!"

"We might as well do something useful while waiting for transit rise."

"I hereby order that horizon haze to disperse!"

"On your mark..."

"...get set..."


"Why does Venus look so elongated?"
"Oh... you mean I should look at the
other sun?"

"Does Venus cover enough of the sun to prevent sunburn?"

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