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Jim Low

See comments below the identification picture.

Jim Low.  1950-51.  Inglewood, Edmonton.

Grade 4-5, Mr. Jack Powell's Class, 1950-51.
Below is the same picture with identification labels.

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This picture is of the 1950-51 grade 4-5 class of Mr. Jack Powell at Inglewood Public School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  At the time, I wrote on the back the first names and last initials of those names I remembered.  I recall the names of two others besides myself:  Barry Likeness and Fran Stevenson.  Both attended the same high school I did in Ottawa (Glebe Collegiate) in the late 1950s, and Fran Stevenson became Head Girl of Glebe in 1958-59.  She eventually became a teacher in the Hull area of Quebec.  I am standing next to Mr. Powell.  The identification labels give last name (or initial) first then the first name.

Like many students at the school, I was one of the children from the North West Air Command RCAF Station.  I was in grade 4 at this school when this picture was taken, and started grade 5 before moving when my father was transferred.  Mr. Powell was the first teacher I have clear recollection of, and was my favourite teacher throughout my school days, matching my good teacher I had in my last year of high school.

I met Mr. Powell again in 2001 and learned at that time that this was his first class as a teacher.

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