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This is the full genealogical database of Jim Low.  It contains web cards where clicking on individual links leads to parents and children of the individuals named.  For living people, only initials and surnames are given.  Last updated 2011-04-11.

Photographs, with identification of individuals and some location description of members of the Flinn and Gardner families relates to William Flinn(1874-1958) and his wife Ethel (Hettie) Emily Gardner (1885-1969).  Initial purpose is to have others identify those who are unknown, and give places and events.  Initial upload: 2010-11-12.

AIRD Enigma
The story of the search for the parents of William Aird (c1783-1860) and Mary Hunter (1782-1863).  Uploaded 2010.
The story, largely in Pictures, of Hattie Patterson Tanner (1899 - 1963), commonly known as "Tot."  Uploaded 2010.

Marinda Anna Reed ("Minnie")
The life of Marinda Anna Reed, known as "Minnie" from 1860 to 1919.
This is an ongoing project and at present is in a rough form. Uploaded 2008.  Additional information and chapters will be added later.

The King's Highway 1908
James Low and his three oldest sons take an Auto adventure from Ottawa to Port Hope, Ontario, then steamer and trains to Niagara Falls and Buffalo.
This was prepared in 2008 on the Centennial of the journey.

The Testament of Alexander Cloudsly 1840
The testament of Alexander Cloudsly (Cloudslie/Cloudsley) in 1840, with details of marriage contract of 1809.

LOW family history publication from 1986
This is an abbreviated version of the 1986 publication of the LOW family.  Details on living generations has been removed.

Our New England Ancestors
Tracing back to a TAYLOR ancestor found a soldier of the American revolutionary war and from there back many generations to governors of the Massachusetts colony and earlier in England.

AIRD Family
Descendants of the parents of John Aird and William Aird of Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland.

FLINN Family
Descendants of the parents of William Flinn who migrated from Ireland and settled in Bethnal Green, London, England.

REED Family
Descendants of William Reed and Mary Rowe of Bovey Tracy, Devonshire, England.

Descendants of William Shakespeare and Mary Satterwaite of Coventry, Warwick, England.

Descendants of Abraham Tanner and Elizabeth Daniel of Stone, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.

Class Pictures (under construction)

DNA of James W. A. Low

RORKE, ROSE, and HUNTER Documents
       Distant branch of my family and the purpose of this is to try to make contact with closer relatives of this family.

Andrew Elvins genealogy
Andrew Elvins, the "Father of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada" lived in Cobourg and Port Hope in the mid 19th century. This combine his genealogy with his life and that of his contemporaries during this period.

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