Our New England Ancestors:


and Related Families

James W. A. Low

Copyright 1985 June 5.

Dedicated to the memory of
Aunt Grace




Most of the TAYLOR information documented here was discovered during my research at the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City during April and May 1985. The success of this research was due entirely to the late Anna Grace Tanner ("Aunt Grace"). She carefully recorded and preserved family records and photographs, much of which came into my possession in 1970. She had family photographs, certificates, and other documents dating from the mid nineteenth century until 1969. She recorded and kept updating the "family tree" until a year before her death in 1971 at the age of 87.

I am also indebted to George Edward Reed of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for information on the REED family. From his research and publication of the REED FAMILY RECORD in 1947, I was able to trace additional information on this branch of our family. George Reed and I have been exchanging information during the past few years.

Additional information was found on the REED family of England during my research in Salt Lake City. However, since this publication deals primarily with our New England TAYLOR ancestors, I have included very little on the REED's. I have forwarded the REED information to George Reed.


The Search

Aunt Grace left detailed records of various branches of our family, and one of her notes intrigued me. These records indicated that her grandparents were William Hellier Reed and Delphina Taylor. The ancestors of William Reed were known, thanks to the work of George Edward Reed. But the reference to Delphina said only that her father was Isaac Boney Tailor.

Aunt Grace's records are massive. Even after having them in my possession for over fifteen years, I still have not fully sorted them. However, about two years ago, I discovered an old, yellowed, typewritten note buried among her papers. It said:

Family of Isaac Boney Taylor.

Isaac Boney Taylor was born in Winthrop Maine, Dec. 25th 1800. Died March 14th 1846.

Married 1828 (to) ------------ (who was) born in the town of Nox, Maine in 1809. Her family moved to Roxbury Maine in 1813 and lived on a farm there, her father was a revolutionary soldier.


John W. Taylor born Mar 16 1829
Melvin B. Taylor Apr 1 1833
Hannah M. Taylor May 6 1835
Paris Kimball Taylor Apr 17 1839
Mary B. Taylor Jun 5 1842
Everitt B. Taylor Sep 5 1844
Isaac B. Taylor Jan 7 1846

To trace this family, I knew that I had to arrange to research records of the New England States. The Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City has over a million rolls of microfilms of records from around the world. In April 1985, I arranged to visit this library so that I could research this and other branches of my family.

I began my search for the family of Isaac Boney Taylor by examining the 1850 Census returns of Roxbury, Oxford county, Maine. I found the following entry:

Isaac Taylor age 49 M Farmer. $100 Born Me.
real estate

Sophronia " 40 F "
John W. " 18 M attending school "
Delphina A." 16 F " "
Melvin B. " 14 M " "
Hannah " 13 F " "
Parris K. " 10 M " "
Henrietta " 10 F " "
Mary B. " 7 F " "
Everitt B. " 2 M

Thus, this confirmed aunt Grace's records. There was some dicrepency in birth years, and apparently aunt Grace's records missed one child. Also, the census showed that Isaac was still living in 1850, although Aunt Grace's record indicated he died in 1846.

From this, I determined the first name of Isaac's wife: Sophronia. But what was her last name? I continued my search.

I searched for the birth of Isaac Taylor in the Winthrop, Maine Vital Records. I found:

Phinias Taylor and Polly his wife.

Their children recorded as follows:
Murinda born Aug 27 1804 m Apr 15 1824 John Gray
Isaac born Oct 24 1801
Hannah born Aug 29 1808

Also, recorded separately were the following items:

Mr. Phineas Taylor of Monmouth and Miss Polly Sweet of Winthrop made publication of Marriage September 7 1799.

To Phineas Taylor and Polly (Sweet) his wife, married Oct 2 1799
Marinda born Aug 27 1804

This search resulted in finding the birth of an Isaac Taylor in the same town as noted in aunt Grace's records. Although the dates of birth differed by a year, I felt that this was "our" Isaac Boney Taylor, and continued to search this line, hoping to find some evidence to confirm this.

As I continued to search the Winthrop Vital Records, I found in the record of deaths:

Taylor, Phineas May 20 1829 age 56-9-
Taylor, Polly (Sweet)(Bonney) wife of
Nov 24 1827 age 59-


Note the name "Bonney" along with "Sweet" in brackets. It was obvious that this was the origin of the "Boney" in aunt Grace's record of Isaac Boney Taylor. The question now arose: Why did the two names Sweet and Bonney appear with Polly's name? Further research showed that Polly's maiden name was Bonney. She was married first to Arnold Sweet, and was a widow when she married Phineas.

I needed independent confirmation that Isaac and Sophronia Taylor were the parents of Delphina Taylor/Reed. I found it in the death registration of Delphina, at Lowell, Massachussetts:

1872 March 28. Delphina A. Reed
Married. Age 39-0-7. Heart disease.
Born: Maine
Parents: Isaac B. & Sophonia Taylor
both born in Maine.

I searched for the marriage of Isaac Taylor to Sophronia (maiden name unknown at this time). Aunt Grace's records indicated that Isaac Taylor moved to Roxbury, and I speculated that he may have married there. But I could find no Vital Records for that town for the period in which they would have married (about 1828).

The Genealogical Society is indexing records. I checked the International Genealogical Index and found:

Taylor, Isaac m. Sophronia D. Taylor
2 Oct 1829 at Maine, Oxford, Roxbury.

This entry led to the major breakthrough that I needed. It refered to a family group sheet submitted to the society about 1951 by Jean Baily, who researched this family. This sheet recorded the family of Isaac and Sophronia Taylor. It noted the parents of Isaac as Phineas Taylor and Polly Bonney Sweet, as I had already discovered, and the parents of Sophronia as John Taylor and Comfort Burleigh. The listed children are essentially the same as Aunt Grace's record and the 1850 census noted above. It appears that Aunt Grace had the months and days correct in most cases, but the years were usually two to four years early.

This Family Group Sheet listed the children of Isaac and Sophronia Taylor, including Delphina. It recorded that Delphina married William H. Reed, but no further group sheets were available descending on this line. Obviously, Jean Bailey's research results ended where ours did - but on different sides of the family. Our research results now joined up.

So now we have determined that the parents of Sophronia Taylor were John Taylor and Comfort Burleigh. Aunt Grace's records indicated that he was a revolutionary soldier. I now had to confirm this.

The Genealogical Society has many microfilm copies of the papers of revolutionary soldiers. I found the papers of "John Taylor, wife Comfort." About 30 pages of his papers were found which described his family and life as a soldier. Several of these papers named his children: one being Sophronia, age 10 in 1820. A summary is included in the next section.

The search for our revolutionary soldier was completed. But much more information was found on the Taylor's and related branches, going back many generations. There was not enough time to research all available information. However, I was able to confirm that our TAYLOR family arrived in New England during the 1630's. We missed the Mayflower by about 10 years. Some of the related branches of our family apparently descended from famous people, and our genealogy eventually joins up with published genealogies. The last section of this publication contains an outline of some of our earlier ancestors. It should be noted that I have not, as yet, had time to confirm any of the information dated before 1600.

Although I was excited that my research led to such a wealth of information, there was a sense of sadness. Aunt Grace faithfully documented our family history for most of her long life. I regret that she is not here to see the results of documentation. I am sure she would be pleased.


The Taylor, Reed, and Tanner families
of New England and Canada
1762 to 1919

This section contains fully documented information on our ancestors which has been confirmed by two or more independent sources of information. This represents the minimum standard that I place on confirmation of relationship.

I can say with confidence that the relationships, names, and places recorded in this section are confirmed. However, dates may sometimes be in error. At times there were variations in the spelling of names in the various records.


Marinda Anna Reed
(ID = 2524)

         Born:  14 Sep 1860 - Lowell, Mass., USA
Died: 18 Feb 1919 - Ottawa, Ont., Canada
Sex: Female
Father: William Hellier Reed (ID=2441)
Mother: Delphina A. Taylor (ID=2442)
1. Minnie is name used
Married: 23 Mar 1881 - Cornwall, Ont., Canada to:
Richard Tanner (ID=2525)
Born: 18 Jul 1859 - Cornwall, Ont., Canada
Died: 18 Apr 1915 - Ottawa, Ont., Canada
1. Joseph Edward Tanner (ID=2650)
08 Mar 1882 - 26 Apr 1950
2. Anna Grace Tanner (ID=2653)
15 Dec 1883 - 07 Jun 1971
3. William Aird Tanner (ID=2654)
16 Feb 1886 - 02 Dec 1944
4. Mary Isabella (Isobel) Tanner (ID=2656)
28 Dec 1887 - 01 Jul 1960
5. Robert Dalgleish Tanner (ID=2658)
21 Mar 1890 - c1894
6. Edith Reed Tanner (ID=2659)
07 Jan 1892 - 18 Apr 1939
7. Mina Pilcher Tanner (ID=164)
05 Dec 1894 - 13 Mar 1979
8. Richard Taylor Tanner (ID=2661)
20 Jun 1896 - 1969
9. Hattie (Tot) Patterson Tanner (ID=2663)
28 Dec 1899 - 31 Jul 1963

Marinda (Minnie) Anna Reed was born at Lowell, Massachusetts on 14 September 1860. She was the only child of William Hellier Reed and Delphina A. Taylor. She was raised at Lowell, living at #16 Appleton in 1861. Her mother died when Minnie was 11 years old and her father died when she was 14. Apparently, after her father's death, she lived with her widowed aunt Elizabeth Ann Reed/Parker in Lowell. During this time, Minnie probably became a good friend of her cousin Almina (Mina) Adelia Parker, who was about her own age. Mina Parker evenually married James Pilcher. This appears to be the connection with the eventual naming of Minnie's daughter Mina Pilcher Tanner.

From her compositions, it appears that Minnie did some travelling during her teens, probably visiting Montreal and Cornwall, Canada.

On 23 March 1881 she married Richard Tanner of Cornwall, Ontario, and they settled there. It is unknown how she met her husband.

Minnie and family moved to Ottawa, Ontario during the late 1890's. Her husband Richard died there in 1915 and Minnie died there on 18 February 1919. Both are buried in Cornwall.

Author's note:

Minnie's eldest daughter, Grace Tanner, used to talk to me about her parents. She once commented on the fact that Minnie was an American who came to Canada to marry. Apparently Richard Tanner would comment on this: "I civilised her."

The compositions of Marinda Anna Reed were published in 1978. A copy is filed at the Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City, reference US&Can Book area 921.71 A1 no. 10, and Microfilm #1036284 item 6.

I published a research paper on her husband's family entitled "Joseph Tanner 1810-1887, and his family." A copy is filed at the Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City, reference 929.271 A1 no. 87, and Microfilm #1036284 item 7.

Copies of both of the above items have also been deposited with the National Library of Canada in Ottawa.

1. Notes of A. Grace Tanner to 1969.
2. Compositions of Marinda Anna Reed.
3. Census of Lowell, Mass., 1870.
4. The REED FAMILY RECORD, George E. Reed, 1947.
5. Marriage Cert.: Richard Tanner / Marinda A. Reed.
6. Photographs, with notes, of Reed/Tanner family.
7. Directory of Lowell, Mass. 1861.


The parents of Marinda Anna Reed/Tanner:

Delphina A. Taylor 
      (ID = 2442)
         Born:  21 Mar 1833 - Roxbury, Oxford, Maine, USA
         Died:  28 Mar 1872 - Lowell, Mass., USA
         Sex: Female
         Father:  Isaac Bonney Taylor  (ID=2617)
         Mother:  Sophronia (Sophrona) D. Taylor  (ID=2618)
         Married: 31 Mar 1859 - USA to:
William Hellier Reed
         Born:  05 Dec 1831 - Bovey Tracy, Devon, England
         Died:  Jul 1875 - Lowell, Mass., USA
       1.  Marinda Anna Reed  (ID=2524)
                                        14 Sep 1860 - 18 Feb 1919


Delphina Taylor was born 21 March 1833 at Roxbury, Oxford County, Maine. She was a daughter of Isaac Bonney Taylor and Sophronia D. Taylor (maiden name also Taylor).

She was raised at Roxbury, living there until at least the age of 19.

Delphina married William Hellier Reed on 31 March 1859 and they settled in Lowell, Massachusetts. They could not be found in the 1860 census for Lowell, but William H. Reed appears in the 1861 City Directory.

On 28 March 1872, Delphina died at Lowell. She was survived by her husband and only child Marinda Anna Reed.

William Hellier Reed was born 5 December 1831 at Bovey Tracy, Devon, England. He was about 12 years old when he came to the U.S.A. with his parents and siblings about 1843. He was a son of Rev. George Reed (Methodist Minister) and Ann Hellier.

The Reed family settled in Clinton, Maine. William moved to Lowell at an unknown date, but probably about the time he married Delphina. In 1850, he was described as a farmer, but still attending school (age 18). In 1870, William was a worker in a cotton mill in Lowell, with a personal estate worth $200., but no real estate. He died, probably at Lowell, in July of 1875.

1. Notes of A. Grace Tanner to 1969.
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4. Index of Marriages, Lowell, 1859: Reed/Taylor.
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6. Census of Lowell, Mass., 1870.
7. Census of Lowell, Mass., 1860.
8. Census of Clinton, Maine, 1850.
9. Census of Roxbury, Maine, 1850.
10. Census of Roxbury, Maine, 1840.


Parents of Delphina A. Taylor/Reed:

Isaac Bonney Taylor
      (ID = 2617)
         Born:  24 Oct 1801 - Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine, USA
         Died:  14 Mar 1852 - Roxbury, Oxford, Maine, USA
         Sex: Male
         Occupation: Farmer
         Father:  Phineas Taylor  (ID=2935)
         Mother:  Polly Bonney  (ID=2936)
         Married: 02 Oct 1829 - Roxbury, Oxford, Maine, USA to:
Sophronia (Sophrona) D. Taylor
         Born:  13 Mar 1809 - Knox, Waldo, Maine, USA
         Died:  05 Aug 1867 - Lowell, Middlesex, Mass., USA
       1.  John Wiggins Taylor  (ID=2619)
                                        26 Mar 1829 - 1920
       2.  Delphina A. Taylor  (ID=2442)
                                        21 Mar 1833 - 28 Mar 1872
       3.  Melvin B. Taylor  (ID=2620)  01 Apr 1833 - 1874
       4.  Hannah M. Taylor  (ID=2621)  06 May 1835 - 27 Nov 1911
       5.  Paris Kimball Taylor  (ID=2622)
                                        17 Apr 1839 - 
       6.  Henrietta W. Taylor  (ID=2934)
                                        19 Apr 1841 - 28 May 1914
       7.  Mary W.B. Taylor  (ID=2623)  05 Jun 1842 - 20 May 1866
       8.  Everitt B. Taylor  (ID=2624)
                                        05 Sep 1844 - 14 Jan 1852
       9.  Isaac B. Taylor  (ID=2625)   07 Jan 1846 - 25 Mar 1851

Isaac Bonney Taylor was born at Winthrop, Kennebec County, Maine on 24 October 1801. He was a son of Phineas Taylor and Polly Bonney. His mother was previously married to Captain Arnold Sweet. Isaac was raised at Winthrop. He moved to Roxbury, Oxford County, Maine by 1829 where he worked in agriculture, probably as a farmer.

On 2 October 1829, Isaac married Sophronia Taylor at Roxbury, Maine. He died there on 14 March 1852.

Sophronia (also spelt Sophrona, etc.) Taylor was born on 13 March 1809 at Knox, Waldo County, Maine. She was a daughter of John Taylor, Revolutionary Soldier and farmer, and Comfort Burleigh.

Sophronia moved to Roxbury, probably as a child with her parents. Later in her life, when she was a widow, she moved to Lowell, Massachusetts where she died on 5 August 1867.

It is possible that Isaac and Sophronia were first cousins. See the note for Phineas Taylor (ID=2935).

1.  Death Registration, Lowell, Mass., 1867.
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3. Census of Roxbury, Maine, 1840.
4. Census of Roxbury, Maine, 1830.
5. Vital Records of Winthrop, Maine 1720-1821.
6. Death Registration, Lowell. Delphina Reed, 1872. (Names parents).
7. History of Winthrop, Maine with Genealogical notes, by Everett S. Stackpole, Merrill & Webber, Auburn, Maine, c1925.
8. Papers of Revolutionary Soldiers: John Taylor.
9. Family Group Sheet of Isaac Taylor / Sophronia D. Taylor, by Jean Bailey.


Parents of Isaac Bonney Taylor (paternal grandparents of Delphina Taylor/Reed):

Phineas Taylor
      (ID = 2935)
         Born:  Aug 1772 - Maine or New Hampshire
         Died:  20 May 1829 - Winthrop, Kennebec, USA
         Sex: Male
         Occupation: Farmer
         Married: 07 Sep 1799 - Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine, USA to:
Polly Bonney
         Born:  1768 - probably Winthrop, Maine
         Died:  24 Nov 1827 - Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine, USA
       1.  Isaac Bonney Taylor  (ID=2617)
                                        24 Oct 1801- 14 Mar 1852
       2.  Murinda (Marinda) Taylor  (ID=2938)
                                        27 Aug 1804 - 
       3.  Hannah Taylor  (ID=2939)     29 Aug 1808 - 

Phineas Taylor was born in August 1772, probably in Maine or New Hampshire. It could not be determined who his parents were. He was at Monmouth, which is near Winthrop, Maine, before his marriage.

By 1799, Phineas was living in Winthrop, County Kennebec, Maine. On 7 September 1799 he married Polly Bonney. They remained at Winthrop, where the family probably operated a farm. Phineas died at Winthrop on 20 May 1829.


The date of birth of Phineas was determined from his age stated in his death record. I searched records for births of a Phineas Taylor in Maine and New Hampshire for several years around 1772. Only one possible record could be found: the birth of a Phineas Taylor on 25 October 1774, in Wolfboro, Carroll County, New Hampshire. This date differs from the date determined from the death record, but such a discrepency is not uncommon. If these two records for Phineas Taylor are for the same person, then "our" Phineas was a son of Thomas Taylor and Abigail Piper. If this is the case, then Isaac Bonney Taylor (ID=2617) and Sophrona D. Taylor (ID=2618), discussed earlier, would be first cousins.

Polly Bonney was born about 1768, probably in or near Winthrop, Maine. She married, first, Captain Arnold Sweet on 9 March 1789. Her children of the first marriage were:

          Nancy Sweet    b.  2 May 1791
Arnold Sweet b. 21 Mar 1793
Polly Sweet b. 20 Aug 1796
Florency Sweet b. 10 Feb 1798
Arnold Sweet died at Winthrop on 25 March 1798.
Polly died at Winthrop on 24 November 1827.
1. Vital Records of Winthrop, Maine 1720-1821.
2. Census of Winthrop, Maine, 1800.
3. Census of Winthrop, Maine, 1810.
4. History of Winthrop, Maine with Genealogical notes, by Everett S. Stackpole, Merrill & Webber, Auburn, Maine, c1925.
5. Family Group Sheet of Isaac Taylor / Sophronia D. Taylor, by Jean Bailey.


Parents of Sophronia D. Taylor (maternal grandparents of Delphina Taylor/Reed):

John Taylor
      (ID = 2951)
         Born:  24 Aug 1762 - New Market, Rockingham, New Hampshire
         Died:  26 Mar 1840 - Roxbury, Oxford, Maine, USA
         Sex: Male
         Occupation: Revolutionary Soldier, Farmer
         Father:  Thomas Taylor  (ID=2968)
         Mother:  Abigail Piper  (ID=2969)
         Married: 15 Feb 1787 - Sanbornton, Merrimack,
                                  New Hampshire, USA to:
Comfort Burleigh
         Born:  18 Jun 1766 - Newburyport, Essex, Mass.
         Died:  25 Mar 1841 - Roxbury, Oxford, Maine, USA
       1.  William Taylor  (ID=2953)    1787c - 1879
       2.  George Washington Taylor  (ID=2955)
                                        Mar 1795 - 21 Feb 1870
       3.  John Taylor  (ID=2957)       05 Jan 1790 - 01 Apr 1831
       4.  Stephen Burleigh Taylor  (ID=2958)
                                        04 Apr 1797 - 05 Sep 1879
       5.  Abel Wheeler Taylor  (ID=2960)
                                        01 Aug 1799 - 25 Oct 1880
       6.  Comfort Taylor  (ID=2962)    20 Oct 1801 - 21 Jan 1884
       7.  Abigail Piper Taylor  (ID=2964)
                                        1804 - 02 Feb 1862
       8.  Rebecca Taylor  (ID=2966)    1807 - 
       9.  Sophronia (Sophrona) D. Taylor  (ID=2618)
                                        13 Mar 1809 - 05 Aug 1867

John Taylor was born at Newmarket, County Rockingham, New Hampshire on 24 August 1762. His parents were Thomas Taylor and Abigail Piper. In 1777, John was a resident of Gilmanton, Belknap County, New Hampshire.

On 31 March 1777, at the age of 14, John Taylor joined the Revolutionary army as a "private soldier." He joined Captain Meshach Bell's company of Col. George Reed's regiment (Second Regiment of the New Hampshire Forces). He went from Gilmanton to Tyconderoga, from there to to the taking of Burgoyne, and from there to Valley Forge. He was at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778 and at the White Plains. He was also at the battles of Hubbardton, Bemis Heights, and others. John also went with General Sullivan up the Sasquahanna River. He served for three years in a number of places including New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. John was honourably discharged at Newtown, Connecticut in 1780.

After the war, John Taylor returned to Gilmanton, New Hampshire. He married Comfort Burleigh on 15 February 1787 at Sanbornton, Merrimack County, New Hampshire. They originally settled in Gilmanton where John was a farmer.

Starting in the mid 1790's, the family moved several times. About 1796 they moved to Rumford, Oxford County, Maine. About 1803 they moved to Knox, Waldo County, Maine. (Maine was then a district of Massachusetts). Sometime between 1810 and 1825 they moved to Roxbury, Oxford County, Maine. In 1820 they lived at an unicorporated plantation called "Number Seven" in the County of Oxford.

John Taylor applied for a pension for his war service under the Revolutionary Claim Act of 1818, and a pension of $8.00 a month was granted in 1820 (claim #R10410). Considerable documentation was required to justify his claim, and this documentation appears in his papers. Pensions were not automatic: he had to show a "need" for such payments. In his application, dated 24 June 1820 (when he was 57) he said that he was a farmer unable to persue his occupation because of "great debility." He also stated the ability of his wife and children to carry out his work: His wife Comfort was "unable to do anything, being in a consumption", and his children aged 10 to 20 "do what they can."

John Taylor died at Roxbury, Maine on 26 March 1840.

Comfort Burleigh was born at Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. She was a daughter of Joseph Burleigh and Comfort Stevens. Although born in Newburyport, her parents were of Newmarket, Rockingham, New Hampshire, and it appears that she was raised in New Hampshire.

Comfort died at Roxbury, Oxford, Maine on 25 March 1841, a year after her Husband's death.


1. Papers of Revolutionary Soldiers: John Taylor.

2. Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War - Maine, Compiled by Fisher & Fisher. The National Sons of the American Revolution, Louisville, Ke.

3. Family Group Sheet of John Taylor / Comfort Burleigh, by Jean Bailey.



The Early Taylors of New England
1612 to 1762

Information in this section has been taken from Family Group Sheets submitted to the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City. Not all of it has been independently confimed by me. I made only spot-checks of some of the information, and these checks have confirmed what was on the sheets. Much more work must be done here.

NOTE: By Act of the British Parliament passed 18 March 1751, the beginning of the year was changed from 25 March to 1 January, commencing with 1752. By the same Act the calendar changed from Julian (Old Style) to Gregorian (New Style) by having the day following 12 September become 14 September 1752. This also applied to the colonies in America. It is important to remember this when making reference to early dates. For example, February 1701 is only two months before April 1702.


Parents of John Taylor, Revolutionary Soldier:

Thomas Taylor       (ID = 2968)
Born: 11 Nov 1739 - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died: 10 Mar 1820 - Gilmanton, Belknap, New Hampshire
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin Taylor (ID=2982)
Mother: Elizabeth Wiggins (Wiggin) (ID=2983)
Married: 17 Sep 1761 - New Market, Rockingham,
New Hampshire to:
Abigail Piper (ID=2969) Born: Feb 1742 - New Market, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died: 13 Aug 1822 - Gilmanton, Belknap, New Hampshire   CHILDREN: 1. John Taylor (ID=2951) 24 Aug 1762 - 26 Mar 1840 2. Jonathan Taylor (ID=2970) 05 Aug 1764 - 3. Nathanial Taylor (ID=2972) 20 Aug 1766 - 01 Nov 1788 4. Wiggins Taylor (ID=2973) 19 Apr 1768 - 03 May 1800 5. Abigail Taylor (ID=2974) 07 Jun 1769 - 03 Jun 1847 6. Simeon Taylor (ID=2976) 16 Jul 1772 - 12 Mar 1841 7. Phineas Taylor (ID=2978) 25 Oct 1774 - 8. Thomas Taylor (ID=2979) 25 Oct 1776 - 9. Benjamin Taylor (ID=2980) 12 Nov 1779 - 10. Littlefield Taylor (ID=2981) 26 Sep 1781 - 08 May 1820     Parents of Thomas Taylor:   Benjamin Taylor (ID = 2982) Born: 1699c - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died: 14 Apr 1768 - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire Sex: Male Occupation: Father: Benjamin Taylor (ID=2996) Mother: Rachel Lawrence (ID=2997)   Marriage #1: - to: Elizabeth Wiggins (Wiggin) (ID=2983) Born: 23 Aug 1704 - Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died: 26 Jan 1749 - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire Marriage #2: - to: Patience ...?... (ID=2992) Born: 1715c - of Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died: -   CHILDREN (#1 to #7 of first wife): 1. Elizabeth Taylor (ID=2984) 1732 - 15 Aug 1772 2. Hannah Taylor (ID=2986) 1737c - 3. Thomas Taylor (ID=2968) 11 Nov 1739 - 10 Mar 1820 4. (boy) Taylor (ID=2988) 1741c - 11 Oct 1746 5. (girl) Taylor (ID=2989) 1743c - 21 Nov 1746 6. Bradstreet Taylor (ID=2990) 1748c - 7. Jonathan Taylor (ID=2991) 1749c - 8. Anne Taylor (ID=2993) 1751c - 9. ..?.. Taylor (ID=2994) 1752c - 15 Sep 1753 10. ..?.. Taylor (ID=2995) 1753c - 15 Oct 1753


Elizabeth Wiggins was a daughter of Bradstreet Wiggin and Anne Chase, who are noted in the next section.


Parents of Benjamin Taylor:

Benjamin Taylor       (ID = 2996)
Born: 1657c - of Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died: 30 Jan 1747 - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Sex: Male
Father: William Taylor (ID=3003)
Mother: Ann Wyeth (ID=3004)
Married: - to:
Rachel Lawrence (ID=2997) Born: 1660c - of Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died: 19 Oct 1749 - Stratham, Rockingham, New Hampshire   CHILDREN: 1. Sarah Taylor (ID=2998) 1694c - 2. Nathan Taylor (ID=2999) 1696c - 11 Mar 1784 3. Benjamin Taylor (ID=2982) 1699c - 14 Apr 1768 4. Edward Taylor (ID=3001) 1701c -         Parents of Benjamin Taylor:   William Taylor (ID = 3003) Born: 1612 - England Died: 1677 - Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire Sex: Male Occupation: Father: Mother:   Married: 1648c - to: Ann Wyeth (ID=3004) Born: 1630c - England Died: -   CHILDREN: 1. Joseph Taylor (ID=3005) 1649c - 2. Edward Taylor (ID=3006) 1655c - 26 Apr 1704 3. Benjamin Taylor (ID=2996) 1657c - 30 Jan 1747 4. Sarah Taylor (ID=3008) 1660c - 5. William Taylor (ID=3010) 1665c - 1755 6. Mary Taylor (ID=3011) 26 Oct 1667 - 7. Nathan Taylor (ID=3013) 05 Feb 1674 - 1703


This was the immigrant family from England to New England. William and Ann were both born in England. William Taylor may have migrated about 1635. Ann Wyeth probably came to New England as a child with her parents Humphrey and Susannah Wyeth. She lived at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

William and Ann married in the late 1640's and settled at Exeter, County Rockingham, New Hampshire.

REFERENCES for this section:
1. Family Group Sheets of Jean Bailey (1951-55).
2. Family Group Sheets of Mrs. B. Ritenburgh (1951).
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Some Related Families

The prevous section followed only the male line back from Revolutionary Soldier John Taylor. When the female lines are examined, many other branches of our family can be traced back. Several such branches were, in fact, traced but not all are included here. I have included one branch which leads back to two early governors in Massachusetts.

Parents of Elizabeth Wiggins/Taylor:

Bradstreet Wiggin (Wiggins)
      (ID = 3123)
         Born:  25 Mar 1675 - of Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
         Died:  18 Jan 1708 - 
         Sex: Male
         Father:  Andrew Wiggins  (ID=3127)
         Mother:  Hannah Bradstreet  (ID=3128)
         Married: 21 Aug 1697 -  to:
Anne Chase
         Born:  09 Mar 1677 - Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.
         Died:   - 
       1.  Chase Wiggin (Wiggins)  (ID=3092)
                                        19 Oct 1699 - 24 Jul 1733
       2.  Thomas Wiggin  (ID=3126)     15 Mar 1701 - 
       3.  Elizabeth Wiggins (Wiggin)  (ID=2983)
                                        23 Aug 1704 - 26 Jan 1749
       4.  Joseph Wiggin  (ID=3108)     30 Mar 1707 - 05 May 1788
          Parents of Bradstreet Wiggins:
Andrew Wiggins
      (ID = 3127)
         Born:  03 Jun 1635 - of Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
         Died:  1710 - 
         Sex: Male
         Father:  Thomas Wiggins  (ID=3160)
         Mother:  Catherine Whiting  (ID=3161)
         Married: 03 Jun 1659 -  to:
Hannah Bradstreet 
         Born:  1639c - of Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
         Died:  1707 - 
       1.  Thomas Wiggins  (ID=3129)    05 Mar 1661 - 
       2.  Simon Wiggins  (ID=3131)     17 Apr 1664 - 
       3.  Hannah Wiggins  (ID=3133)    10 Jun 1666 - 21 Feb 1690
       4.  Mary Wiggins  (ID=3135)      12 Mar 1668 - 
       5.  Andrew Wiggins  (ID=3137)    06 Jan 1672 - Jan 1756
       6.  Bradstreet Wiggin (Wiggins)  (ID=3123)
                                        25 Mar 1675 - 18 Jan 1708
       7.  ..?.. Wiggins  (ID=3140)     28 Nov 1677 - 
       8.  Abigail Wiggins  (ID=3141)   14 Sep 1678 - 
       9.  Dorothy Wiggins  (ID=3143)   11 Mar 1680 - 
      10.  Sarah Wiggins  (ID=3144)     06 Jan 1682 - 
      11.  Jonathan Wiggins  (ID=3146)  11 Mar 1683 - 1738
          Parents of Hannah Bradstreet/Wiggins:
Simon Bradstreet
      (ID = 6481)
         Born:  Mar 1603 - Horbling, Lincs., England
         Died:  27 Mar 1697 - Salem, Essex, Mass.
         Sex: Male
         Occupation: Governor in Massachusetts
         Father:  Simon Bradstreet  (ID=6501)
         Mother:  Margaret ...?...  (ID=6502)
            1.  Baptized 18 Mar 1604
         Marriage #1:  1628 -    to:
Anne Dudley
         Born:  1612 - Northampton, Northants., England
         Died:  16 Sep 1672 - Andover, Essex, Mass.
         Marriage #2:   -    to:
Anne Downing
         Born:   - 
         Died:   - 
      CHILDREN  (all of first wife):
       1.  Samuel Bradstreet  (ID=6484)
                                        1632c - 01 Jun 1683
       2.  Dorothy Bradstreet  (ID=6486)
                                        1633 - 26 Feb 1672
       3.  Sarah Bradstreet  (ID=6488)  1636c - 
       4.  Simon Bradstreet  (ID=6491)  28 Sep 1640 - 10 Feb 1684
       5.  Hannah Bradstreet  (ID=3128)
                                        1639c - 1707
       6.  Mercy Bradstreet  (ID=6493)  1647 - 05 Oct 1714
       7.  Dudley Bradstreet  (ID=6495)
                                        1648 - 13 Nov 1702
       8.  John Bradstreet  (ID=6497)   22 Jul 1652 - 11 Jan 1718
       9.  Elizabeth Bradstreet  (ID=6499)
                                        29 Jan 1663 - 
      10.  Annie Bradstreet  (ID=6500)  07 Nov 1665 - 


Simon Bradstreet was born at Horbling, Lincolshire in March 1603. He was a son of Rev. Simon Bradstreet and Margaret. His father died when he was 14 and was committed to the care of Hon. Thomas Dudley. He, along with Mr. Dudley, Mr. Winthrop, and others agreed to emigrate and form a settlement in Massachusetts.

Simon and the others boarded the "Arbella" on 29 March 1630. They arrived June 12, near Naumkeak, now Salem. They founded the town of Newtown, now Cambridge. Simon also lived at Salem and Ipswich.

Simon Bradstreet was the first Secretary of the colony and was one of the first Commissioners of the United Colonies in 1643. He was Deputy Governor from 1672 to 1679, then Governor until 1686.

Anne Dudley was a daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley. She is an early famous writer in North America.


Parents of Anne Dudley/Bradstreet:

Thomas Dudley
(ID = 6603)
Born: 12 Oct 1576 - Northampton, Northhampton, England
Died: 31 Jul 1653 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Governor in Massachusetts
Father: Roger Dudley or Sutton (ID=6618)
Mother: Susanna Thorne (ID=6619)
1. Baptismal date diven
Marriage #1: 25 Apr 1603 - to:
Dorothy Yorke
Born: 25 Apr 1582 - Cotton End, Northampton, England
Died: 27 Dec 1643 -
Marriage #2: 14 Apr 1644 - to:
Catherine Deighton
Born: -
Died: -
CHILDREN (of first wife):
1. Thomas Dudley (ID=6605) 1605c -
2. Samuel Dudley (ID=6606) 30 Nov 1608 - 10 Feb 1684
3. Anne Dudley (ID=6482) 1612 - 16 Sep 1672
4. Patience Dudley (ID=6608) Feb 1618 - 08 Feb 1690
5. Sarah Dudley (ID=6610) 23 Jul 1620 - 03 Nov 1659
6. Mercy Dudley (ID=6612) 27 Sep 1621 - 01 Jul 1691
REFERENCES for this section:
1. Family Group Sheets of Dorothy S. Hadlock (1949).
2. Family Group Sheet of Mrs. W.E. Roberts (1966).
3. Family Group Sheet of Rhea F. Wiggins (1945).
4. New England Historical & Genealogical Register,
Vol 1., 1847.


Pre-American Ancestry

I found numerous group sheets tracing our ancestry back many generations. They are too numerous to cover in detail in this publication. I have not yet made a personal check of the references quoted for any information on our family prior to 1600. Out of interest, I list one line back from Thomas Dudley (ID=6603), mentioned in the last section. Note that the female line is followed back.

Thomas Dudley: son of Captain Roger Dudley (Sutton) 1550c-1590 of London & Okley England and Susanna Thorne 1559-? of Hastings England.

Susanna Thorne: daughter of Thomas Thorne (Dorne) 1521c-1588 of Hastings England and Mary Purefoy (Purifoy) of Shalston England.

Mary Purefoy (Purifoy): daughter of Edward Purifoy 1494-1558 of Shalston England and Anne Phetiplace (Fettiplace) 1496-1578 of Shefford England.

Anne Phetiplace (Fettiplace): daughter of Richard Fettiplace 1460c-1511 of Shefford England and Elizabeth Bessils 1465-? of Bessils Leigh England.

Richard Fettiplace: son of John Fettiplace 1427-1464 of Childrey England and Jane Fabian 1435c-? of Childrey England.

John Fettiplace: son of Sir Thomas Fettiplace 1390c-? of Childrey England and Beatrix of Portugal 1395c-? of Lisbon Portugal

Beatrix of Portugal: daughter of John I King of Portugal 1357-1433 of Lisbon Portugal and Philippa of Lancaster 1370-? of England.


Tracing Beatrix of Portugal back on both of her parents side, we find:

Her father, John I, King of Portugal was son of Pedro I (1334-1369), King of Castile & Leon. Pedro's father was Alfonso XI (1290-1350) King of Castile.

Her mother, Philippa of Lancaster was daughter of John of Gaunt (1340-1399) and Blanche of Lancaster. John of Gaunt was the illegitimate son of Alice Perreas, mistress to Edward Plantagenet (1312-1377), King Edward III of England.


At this point I ended my search of this line. As I mentioned earlier, I have not made independent confirmation of the references leading to this, so this part of the research should be considered preliminary.

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