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First Generation

We begin our exploration of the LOW family in the old churchyard at Nether Pert in the parish of Logie Pert. This is located near the river North Esk in the county of Angus, formerly called Forfarshire. This churchyard contains an old abandoned church with the roof missing. The yard, and even the inside of the church is filled with old and worn gravestones dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. While the church has been abandoned, the grounds are kept neat, as this is now an historical site.

Within the churchyard, most of the stones have worn inscriptions on one side only - all facing the same direction. A few have inscriptions on the back. The back of one of these stones marks the birth of our family: the resting place of our earliest known ancestors: Alexander Low (1710 - 1779) and Elizabeth Findlay (1719 -1789). The front of this stone marks the resting place of one of their sons.

Our roots begin in the parish of Logie Pert where Alexander and Elizabeth lived all of their married lives. There is some evidence to indicate that Alexander Low may have been born in nearby Brechin. Elizabeth, however, lived all of her life in Logie Pert.

Logie Pert is a typical parish and hamlet of 5737 acres with a recent population of about 800. It is located about five miles north-west of Montrose and about five miles north-east of Brechin.


Alexander Low
   Born:  06 Nov? 1710 - Brechin?, Scotland
   Died:  Apr 1779 - Nether Pert, Logie Pert, Forfarshire, Scotland
   Sex: Male
   Father:  Alexander Low ? (ID=516)
   Mother:  Anna Adam ? (ID=517)
      1.  Birth year confirmed 1710.
      2.  Bap. date/place not confirmed
      3.  Parents not confirmed

   Married: c1742 - Forfarshire(?), Scotland to:
Elizabeth Findlay (Finlay)
   Born:  27 May 1719 - Tourmonds, Logie Pert, Scotland
   Died:  10 Jun 1789 - Logie Pert(?), Scotland

 1.  James Low  (ID=3) 13 Sep 1743 - May 1800 ?
 2.  William Low  (ID=5) 10 Apr 1745 -
 3.  Clementina Low  (ID=6) 29 Jan 1747 -
 4.  John Low  (ID=8) 06 Apr 1749 -
 5.  Andrew Low  (ID=10) 06 Feb 1751 - 27 May 1819
 6.  David Low  (ID=12) 20 Dec 1753 -
 7.  Elizabeth Low  (ID=13) 10 Nov 1755 -
 8.  Margaret Low  (ID=14) 01 Dec 1757 -
 9.  Alexander Low  (ID=15)  20 Jan 1760 -
10.  Robert Low  (ID=16) 18 Aug 1761 -
11.  Helen Low  (ID=17) 05 Feb 1764 -
12.  Rememberlina Maria Low  (ID=18) 22 Aug 1765 -

     Alexander Low was born in 1710 and was possibly baptized in Brechin, Forfarshire (now Angus), Scotland on 6 November of that year.  His parents may have been Alexander Low (ID=516) and Anna Adams (ID=517), but this could not be confirmed.  It is known that he was living in the parish of Logie Pert, not far from Brechin, from at least 1743 until after 1765.  He probably remained there until his death in April of 1779.  Various records identified Alexander as living at both Nether Pert and Pert:  both in the parish of Logie Pert.

     Alexander was described as a "tenant" at Nether Pert in the parish of Logie Pert.  During the eighteenth century it was common practice to live on an estate and lease a farm plot from the "land lord."  The tenant would probably pay at least part of the rent with some of his crop.  This custom evolved from the earlier serf system that existed several centuries earlier.

     The earliest existing Parochial Register for Logie Pert dates from 1717.  The early minutes of the Kirk Session (Church Elder meetings) refer to a James Low who died about 1724 and to a John Low who was made an Elder of the church about 1725.  It is possible that they were relatives of Alexander, but no evidence to this effect could be found.

     Neighbours of Alexander Low during the 1740's and 1750's were John Low and Margaret Bruce and their children.  It is possible that Alexander and John were related.

     Alexander Low married Elizabeth Findlay, probably around 1742.  There is a gap of a few years in the Parochial Registers during the early 1740's so it was not possible to check for the date of marriage.

     Elizabeth Findlay was born in 1719, which was determined from the family gravestone.  The Old Parocial Registers of Logie Pert records the birth of an Elizabeth Finlay on 27 May 1719, a daughter of Robert Finlay (ID=487).  This is probably the record of her birth, even though the spelling of the last name is different.  Such spelling differences were common at the time.   Elizabeth Finlay had a sister Margaret (ID=488) born 19 June 1717(?) and a brother David (ID=489) born 1 January 1725.

     A gravestone located in the Old Churchyard of Pert, Logie Pert describes this family.  The front of this gravestone is inscribed for their son Andrew Low (see ID #10).  The back is inscribed:

Also is Interred here Alexander Low some time tenant in Nether Pert who died in April 1779 aged 69 years and Elizabeth Findlay his spouse who died 10th June 1789 aged 70 years.  Their daughter Margaret Low was born November 30th 1757.
This stone claims 6 backbreadths.

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