The Low family

This has been taken from my publication of the LOW family as published in 1986.  It has not been updated.  The purpose is to quickly put this on-line for others to research and determine if they have links with this family.  Eventually, I hope to update this genealogy.


     The purpose of this book is to document the LOW family history.  The descendants of Alexander Low, born in 1710 and who lived at Logie Pert, Forfarshire (later Angus), Scotland are recorded here.  This record is by no means complete; in fact, only a small percentage of all family members have been found.  This documents our family as it is known in 1985.  It is the third publication in a never-ending series: previous publications were in 1974 and 1976.  Before that, several unpublished records, going back to 1957, were prepared and distributed to family members.  Since 1981, "GATHERINGS", a LOW Family Newsletter, has been published once or twice a year.

     This is about the LOW family.  It must be emphasized, however, that not all members of our family have the surname LOW.  A member of this family is any descendant of a LOW or anyone who married into the family.  There are many who have descended through female lines, where the surname has changed.  Also, some early members who married into this family have had their ancestors traced:  for example the CLOUDSLIE line has been traced back to the 1600's from Elizabeth Cloudsley / Low.

     It is also important to note that not everyone with the surname LOW belongs to this family.  Our early family lived in the rural area near Montrose, Scotland.  The name LOW was, and still is, very common in that area.  If one could trace back far enough it might be possible to establish a common origin.  However, the present relation- ship between the various LOW families is unknown.

     Ten generations of LOW's are documented in this genealogy, the last four of which are represented by living members.  The first member of the eleventh generation will probably be born within a few years. Biographical outlines are given for those no longer living, where I have been able to obtain such information.  Although biographical information was collected on living individuals, I decided not to include such details, with rare exceptions where such information is of historical interest or descriptive of general family lifestyles.

     My research of early records was extensive and a massive amount of detail was recorded in an effort to trace members of our family.  Only a small portion of my research is recorded here.  Notes were made on two thousand other individuals, mostly with the surname of LOW in Kincardineshire and Forfarshire prior to 1855.  This information is available to other researchers, upon request.

     Although I took great care in checking information, there will be errors.   A genealogy is one of the most difficult publications to prepare with accuracy.  When you deal with so many names and dates, it is all too easy to misspell a name or transpose figures in a date.  To those who find errors about themselves, I extend my apologies. Please report errors so that my records can be corrected. I  plan to issue a list of corrections in a future issue of GATHERINGS, the newsletter of the LOW family.

     Information received up to 1 January 1986 is included in this book.

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