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     James Low (ID=101) married Martha Ashe  (ID=102). This is an Irish Family.  Martha come to Canada in 1881 with her mother and several siblings.  Considerable research has been carried out on the Ashe family, and much more work has yet to be done.  I have information on this family, much of it unsorted and unorganized.

References:  173, 199, 203, 208


     Arline Cloudsley Low (ID=238) married James Alcorn Brackenridge (ID=239).  Considerable research has been done on this and related families by Eleanor Arline Brackenridge/Low and myself.   This is an Irish family. Eleanor and I have organized much of the information available on this family and a family "tree" has been prepared.  Nothing has been published yet.


     Elizabeth Low (ID=35) married Andrew Bowick or Buick (ID=36).  This surname appears in various records, and further research on this family would likely lead to descendants of this branch.  It is also likely that further information could be traced back on Andrew's ancestry.


     William (Hunter) Low (ID=63) married Isabella Carr (ID=65).  It was discovered that her mother's maiden name was Margaret Low (ID=447), so a search for this family was undertaken to determine if Isabella was a blood relative of her husband.  Isabella Carr was born at Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire about 1835, so I checked the Census of 1841 for that parish.  I did not find her parents listed, but several other CARR families were found.  One household was of particular interest:

     Address:  Bringieshill, Arbuthnott.
          William Low, age 60, Agr. Lab. (ID=448)
          Isabel Low, age 55             (ID=449)
          Isabel Low, age 20             (ID=450)
          Isabel Carr, age 8             (ID=65?)
          Jane Beattie, age 7
          Matilda Webster, age 7
          Margt Reate, age 2
     (All born in Kincardineshire)

From the above, I concluded that the Isabel Carr listed in this census was the same Isabella Carr who married William (Hunter) Low.  This may have been the home of her grand- parents.  This Low family appears to be unrelated to our family.

References: 106, 163


     Elizabeth Cloudsley (ID=38) married John Low (ID=37).  This surname is very unusual and probably is unique to one Scottish family.  The name was spelt various ways, the most common form being Cloudslie.  I did considerable research on this family.  Following is a summary of the results.  I have additional information on file.

     The earliest published reference to this name was in The Surnames of Scotland by George F. Black  (1965).  He refers to a James Cloudslie, Burgess of Montrose (trader, with rights to trade in Montrose) in 1638.  He states that the name may be of English origin, from Cloudesley, an old Essex surname.

     As a result of an advertisement I placed in the "Scottish Genealogist" and research undertaken for me by a genealogist, it was possible to trace earlier unpublished references to Cloudslie's.  The earliest reference was the Will of the wife of John Cloudslie of Montrose (1626), which reads:

Testament of Agnes Perrie, wife of John Cloudslie burgess of Montrose, who died during June 1626,  Made and given up by John Cloudslie in the name of his youngest son William Cloudslie executor dative.  Assets a calf and an old cow #12, 5 sheep and 5 lambs #9.15.-, utensils and household goods #26.13.4. - subtotal #48.8.4.  Debtors James Wishart and wife Agnes Ramsay #16 - total #64.8.4.  Creditors - William Gryme, merchant burgess of Montrose for hemp and salt #160; Christian Arbuthnott, wife of Andrew Strachan in Montrose #30.6.8.; John Barclay in Balmakellie - house rent #40; Margaret Cluidslie, woman servant - 3 years fee #24.  Total liabilities #254.6.8.  Deficit #190.  Brechin 28 April 1627.

The next reference was the Will of James Cluidslie, also of Montrose:

Testament of James Cluidslie, merchant of Montrose, who died during January 1627.  Made and given up by himself on 19 January 1627.  Witnessed by William Prime, Patrick Thomson, John Sime mechant burgess, Mathew Poole sevant to William Prime, and Alex Reid merchant and skipper burgess of Montrose.  Given up by Janet Gryme, widow of William Gryme.  James had in stocks, monies and goods #333.6.8.  Ventured with David Macken - 4 barrels of salmon at 50 merks each of which one was due to Mr William Macken or to Robert Cluidslie his brother.  Ventured with James Meall 212 pounds of pladding.  David Macken for pewter and copper(?) #105.  House plenishings etc #50.  In possession of his father John Cluidslie, and William Cluidslie his brother - timber worth #3, brown London cloth #27, and an iron pot worth #3.6.8.  Sub-total #833.13.4.  Debtors - James Jarvis, merchant in Montrose #83, Isabel Grime in Montrose #7.10.-, David Macken in Montrose #16, John Macken his brother 48.-, James Dempster in Brechin for salt #16.6.8.  James Wood, merchant in Montrose #21.13.4, Patrick Thomson, merchant in Montrose #64, Alex Gray merchant #83.19.8., Andrew Duncan, merchant, #180.5.2., John Grime, merchant, #110, Robert Dynnies #8, Alex Rennet, merchant, #36 - subtotal #629.3.-.  Total assets #1462.16.8.
Creditors - Robert Beattie in Flemish money #32.10.-, timber #15, 2 cwt 'hoip' #38, 10 bolls of salt #43.6.8, William Prime #200, his brother Robert Cluidslie #13.6.8, miscellaneous accounts of his wife #14 - subtotal #527.  Excess of assets over liabilities #935.16.8., a third of which to his daughter Helen Cluidslie, #20 annually to his father John Cluidslie, #20 only to his brother John Cluidslie, #20 to his brother Robert Cluidslie, #40 to his youngest brother William Cluidslie, and the balance to his wife Janet Grime.  Brechin 18 January 1628.

     It appears that the early Cloudslie's were traders in the Montrose area, and were involved with imports/exports.  It is possible a family of Cloudslie's first arrived at the port of Montrose within 20 years of 1600, probably coming from England.  There was a Cloudsley family in Lincoln-Leeds-Sheffield area of England in the 1650's.  A Richard Cloudesley died in Islington, England in 1517.

     If, indeed, the name CLOUDSLEY did not appear in Scotland until 1600, then we have traced our family to within a century of it's Scottish origin.  It is regretable that we have not, as yet, been able to connect these early Cloudslie's to our family found at Garvock a century later.  However, it is very probable that they are related.

    A Genealogical Researcher, Mr. David Dobson, who researched the Cloudslie's noted in one of his letters to me:
If the family had immigrated into the district via the port of Montrose it is likely that the earliest Cloudslie settled in Montrose.  Another point here is sometimes merchants in the burghs had relatives in the neighbouring countryside who sent their produce into town to be marketed by their kinfolk who as burgesses and merchants had trading rights within the burghs.

     To summarize the research  on the early Cloudslie's: It appears probable that the family arrived at the port of Montrose from England around 1600 - 1620.  They were traders.  Some members of the family eventually moved into the nearby countryside and supplied produce for their relatives in Montrose.  One of the branches of the family, from which we descend, settled in Garvock by 1700 where they became smiths.

     The following genealogy outlines the earliest CLOUDSLIE family confirmed as our ancestors.  This starts with the great grandparents of Elizabeth Cloudsley (ID=38), the wife of John Low (ID=37).

Alexander Cloudslie
    Born:  1698 - Garvock(?), Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Died:  1752 - Garvock, Scotland
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Smith
    Father:  James Cloudsly (?) (ID=483)
       1.  Birth/Death years uncertain
       2.  Father uncertain

    Marriage #1:   -    to:
Margaret Aiken (Eken)
    Born:   -
    Died:  08 Sep 1734 - Garvock, Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Marriage #2:   -    to:
Elspet Buchan (Buchanan?)
    Born:   -
    Died:  1739 - Garvock(?), Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Marriage #3:  16 Jul 1741 - Garvock, Scotland   to:
Jean Strachan
    Born:   -
    Died:   -

 By Margaet Aiken (Ekin):
  1.  John Cloudslie  (ID=418)     02 Dec 1723 -
  2.  Alexander Cloudslie  (ID=419)
                                   14 Dec 1725 -
  3.  James Cloudslie  (ID=403)    23 Sep 1728 - 10 Mar 1810
  4.  David Cloudslie  (ID=420)    1728 - 1739
  5.  Elizabeth Cloudslie  (ID=421)
                                   05 Aug 1736 -
  6.  Robert Cloudslie  (ID=422)   1733 - 1733
 By Elspet Buchan(an):
  7.  Magdalen Cloudslie  (ID=423)
                                   1735 - 17 Jun 1739
  8.  Adam Cloudslie  (ID=424)          - 30 Aug 1741
 By Jean Strachan:
  9.  Jean Cloudslie  (ID=477)     25 Jul 1742 -
 10.  Katherin Cloudslie  (ID=478)
                                   03 May 1744 -
 11.  Hugh Cloudslie  (ID=479)     22 Apr 1746 -
 12.  David Cloudslie  (ID=480)    19 Jun 1748 -
 13.  William Cloudslie  (ID=481)
                                   22 Nov 1750 - Nov 1823

     Alexander Cloudslie was probably born about 1698.  He was living at Garvock by the 1720's, and possibly he was born there.  It is possible that his father was James Cloudsly, who was named in the Garvock Parochial Register.

     In 1732 and 1733 there were six references to Alexander Cloudslie regarding his payment for a pew in church.  He is recorded to have paid 18 shillings for use of the mortcloth to his deceased daughter Magdalene Cloudslie on 17 June 1739, and again to his deceased son Adam Cloudslie on 30 August 1741.

     Alexander was a smith at Redford, Garvock.  He apparently married three times:  first to Margaret Aiken (or Eken).  Margaret died 8 August 1734.  He married next Elspet Buchan(an), probably shortly after the death of his first wife.  She died in 1739.  Although it cannot be confirmed, it appears that this same Alexander Clousdlie also married Jean Strachan on 16 July 1741, although it is possible that this was another Alexander Cloudslie.

     Alexander died at Garvock, probably in 1752.

     On 27 July 1977 I was searching through the Garvock Churchyard and discovered the badly worn gravestone of this family.  My wife Eleanor, John Douglas Low, and I spent an hour and a half attempting to decipher it.  It is noted below.  Items in brackets were unclear, while dots indicate information was illegible.

H(ere) Lies (Alex)ander Cloudslie Some(time) Smith in Redford wh(o) died 17(52) aged (54) Years   (A)lso Margaret Aiken (his) (S)pouse who died 17(31) and of thier Children Robert (who d)ied 17... aged (6) ...o...ll M(agdalen) who died 17(37) aged 4...  Adam who died 17(39) aged 2...  David who died 1739 aged (11 y)...  (Ch)... Buchan(an) Spouse who died 1739   Also here lies Elspe(t) Croll who died the 20th of Dec. 1802 Aged 7(6) Years, Th... Spouse to J(am)e(s) Cloudslie Smith in Redford who died the 10th of March 1810 aged 82 Ye   And of his Children (El)iz Jane who died infancy 1763 & James who died the 9th of August 1787 Aged 2(2) Years and Jean who died Dec 24th 1800 Aged 32 Years.
... peaceful Grave   That silent bed... ... And ther(en) the ... vean.y Rest.

James Cloudslie
    Born:  23 Sep 1728 - Garvock, Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Died:  10 Mar 1810 - Garvock, Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Smith
    Father:  Alexander Cloudslie  (ID=414)
    Mother:  Margaret Aiken  (ID=417)
       1.  Baptismal date given.

    Married: 23 Nov 1759 - Garvock Kincardineshr Scotland to:
Elspet Croll (Crole)
    Born:  1731 -
    Died:  20 Dec 1802 - Garvock, Kincardineshire, Scotland

  1.  Elizabeth Jane Cloudslie  (ID=405)
                                   1761 - 1763
  2.  Isabel Cloudslie  (ID=406)   13 Sep 1762 -
  3.  Alexander Cloudslie  (ID=407)
                                   18 May 1764 - 05 Apr 1840
  4.  James Cloudslie  (ID=408)    31 Dec 1765 - 09 Aug 1787
  5.  Jean Cloudslie  (ID=409)     20 Apr 1768 - 24 Dec 1800
  6.  Elizabeth Cloudslie  (ID=410)
                                   09 May 1770 -

     James Cloudslie, son of Alexander Cloudslie and Margaret Aiken was baptized at Garvock, Scotland on 23 September 1728.   He became a smith at Redford, Garvock. On 23 November 1759, James married Elspeth Croll at Garvock.

Alexander Cloudslie
    Born:  18 May 1764 - Redford, Garvock, Kincardineshire,
    Died:  05 Apr 1840 - Garvock Scotland
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Farmer
    Father:  James Cloudslie  (ID=403)
    Mother:  Elspet Croll  (ID=404)
       1.  Baptismal date given
       2.  Mortcloth date given for death

    Marriage #1:  28 Jun 1794 - Garvock Scotland   to:
Margaret Hogg
    Born:  19 Jun 1772 - Garvock, Kincardineshire, Scotland
    Died:  1805c - Garvock, Scotland
    Marriage #2:  27 May 1809 - Garvock Scotland   to:
Jean Welsh
    Born:   -
    Died:   -

  1.  James Cloudslie  (ID=412)    14 Feb 1796 -
  2.  Jane Cloudslie  (ID=413)     17 Oct 1797 - 15 Dec 1877
  3.  Elizabeth Cloudsley  (ID=38)
                                   28 Jan 1800 - 17 Jan 1890
  4.  William Cloudslie  (ID=416)
                                   10 Jan 1811 -

     Alexander Cloudslie, son of James Cloudslie and Elspeth Croll was baptized at Garvock on 18 May 1764.  He was a farmer in Garvock until his death there in April of 1840.

     Alexander married twice:  to Margaret Hogg on 28 June 1794, then following her death about 1805, to Jean Welsh on 27 May 1809.  The first three children were by Margaret, the last by Jean.

     The parents of Margaret Hogg were probably John Hogs or Hogg (ID=523) and Margaret Milne (ID=524).  Family tradition says that Margaret Hogg was related to the Scottish poet James Hogg, but this could not be proven.

     Daughter Elizabeth married John Low (ID=37).

References:  10, 134, 168, 175, 176, 177, 178, 186, 188, 190, 191, 226, 231, 256, 257


     James Reed Low (ID=245) married Ethel Emily Flinn (ID=246).  I have done some research on this family.  It is of English and early Irish origins.  I have records and photographs of the FLINN family, as yet unsorted.  My first cousin Ann Paterson/Stokes has done some work on this family, and she has additional information.


     Margaret Low (ID=56) married Alexander Guthrie (ID=57).  The Guthrie family was apparently a large well- established family in the Brechin area of Scotland.  The name is also fairly common throughout Forfarshire (Angus) in the 19th century.  This family's ancestry could probably be traced to earlier generations.

    A preliminary search for the early Guthrie's lead to the discovery of the following entry in the 1841 Census of Brechin:

     Address:  Gold Yards, Brechin.
         Alexander Guthrie, age 30, Labourer.
         Elspeth Guthrie, age 30, Linen H.L.W.
                                  (Hand Loom Weaver)
         Alexander Guthrie, age 6   (ID=57)
         John Guthrie, age 3
         Joseph Guthrie, age 1
     (all born in Brechin)

Alexander Guthrie
    Born:  1811 - Forfarshire, Scotland
    Died:   -
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Labourer
       1.  Possibly other children

    Married:  -  to:
Elspeth Fenton
    Born:  1811 - Forfarshire, Scotland
    Died:   -

  1.  Alexander Guthrie  (ID=57)
                                   1833 - 17 Oct 1897
  2.  John Guthrie  (ID=427)       1838 -
  3.  Joseph Guthrie  (ID=428)     1840 -

References:  82 to 90, 121 to 123, 136, 137, 160, 169


     Margaret Law (ID=21) married James Low.  In later records, her maiden surname was spelt LOW.  Since variations in spellings were common, I attempted to trace her ancestors in case there was a relationship.  None was found, but her probable parent's family was discovered as follows:

James Law
    Born:   - Scotland?
    Died:   -
    Sex: Male

    Married:  - Scotland to:
Christian Robb
    Born:   - Scotland?
    Died:   -

  1.  Isobel Law  (ID=490)         21 Nov 1755 -
  2.  William Law  (ID=491)        04 Jan 1758 -
  3.  John Law  (ID=492)           01 Apr 1760 -
  4.  Christian Law  (ID=493)      02 May 1762 -
  5.  David Law  (ID=494)          03 Jul 1766 -
  6.  Alexander Law  (ID=495)      20 May 1768 -
  7.  Peter Law  (ID=496)          19 Mar 1770 -
  8.  Margaret Law  (ID=21)        15 Nov 1772 - ?1845
  9.  Jean Law  (ID=497)           06 Oct 1774 -

     This family lived at Mains of Balbegnoe, Fettercairn, Forfarshire, Scotland.

References:  167


     The name LOW was very common in the area of Scotland where our family lived.  Some may be connected with our family.  A search was made of some other LOW's in an attempt to connect with our family,  but none was found. Three other Low's are noted here.

     Betsy Hall Low (ID=109) married David Allan Low (ID= 108).  She was a daughter of Joseph Low, Seaman Master and Betsy Hall.  This Low family appears to be unrelated to us.

     William Hunter Low (ID=63) married Isabella Carr (ID=65).  Her mother was Margaret Low (ID=447).  See the reference to CARR in this appendix for information on this family.

     James Low (ID=101) had a business partner named Charles Alexander Low (ID=445).  They operated the contracting firm of J & C Low in Ottawa, Canada.  My grandfather Alexander Cloudsley Low used to claim that James Low would say that Charles "was a 47th cousin."  I decided to trace the ancestry of Charles.  This ancestry, from his grandparents, is shown here.

David Low
    Born:   -
    Died:   -
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Cotterman?

    Married: 17 Dec 1806 - Edzell, Forfarshire, Scotland to:
Jean Jolly
    Born:   -
    Died:   -

  1.  Isobel Low  (ID=431)         09 Nov 1807 -
  2.  John Low  (ID=432)           18 Jan 1809 -
  3.  James Low  (ID=433)          21 Dec 1810 -
  4.  Agnes Low  (ID=434)          14 Jan 1813 -
  5.  Margaret Low  (ID=435)       05 Oct 1815 -
  6.  Jean Low  (ID=436)           19 Jan 1818 -

     David Low and Jean Jolly were married in 1806 and lived at Edzell, Forfarshire.  Charles Alexander Low was his grandson by James Low (see below).

James Low
    Born:  21 Dec 1810 - Edzell, Forfarshire, Scotland
    Died:   -
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Cotterman
    Father:  David Low  (ID=429)
    Mother:  Jean Jolly  (ID=430)
       1.  Baptismal date given
       2.  Possibly more children

    Married: 18 May 1839 -  to:
Agnes Alexander
    Born:  1819 - Montrose, Scotland
    Died:   -

  1.  John Low  (ID=439)           28 Dec 1840 -
  2.  Jean (Jane) Low  (ID=62)     1846 - 22 Feb 1920
  3.  Margaret Low  (ID=440)       1848 -
  4.  Richard Low  (ID=441)        1851 -
  5.  Alexander Low  (ID=442)      1852 -
  6.  Eliza Low  (ID=443)          1858 -
  7.  Agnes Low  (ID=444)          1860 -
  8.  Charles Alexander Low  (ID=445)
                                   04 Mar 1863 -

     James Low and Agnes Alexander lived at Edzell, Forfarshire.  They were the parents of Charles Alexander Low who was the business partner of James Low (ID=101), and of Jean (Jane) Low (ID=62) who married John Low (ID=61).

     Although no relationship could be found between this family and our LOW family, the descendants of John Low (ID=61) and his wife Jean (Jane) Low (ID=62) are related to this line.  Thus, these two independent LOW families join up at this generation.

References:  166, 219


     Jane Mcdonald (ID=64) was the mother of James Low (ID=101) by William (Hunter) Low (ID=63).  An extensive search was made to identify her.  The name was very common and no conclusive evidence could be found, but a possibility was noted under  William (Hunter) Low (ID=63). It appears unlikely that positive identification will ever be possible.  The family may be of Irish origin, having migrated to Scotland during the Potato Famine.


     Marjorie Pardue (ID=179) married William Hunter Low, Jr (ID=178).  She is a great great grand daughter of Greenwood Laflore who was the last chief of the Choctaw Indians east of the Mississippi River.  The history of this family has been documented in a book by Florence Rebeca Ray: Chieftain Greenwood Laflore and the Choctaw Indians of the Mississippi Valley, published by C.A. Davis Printing Co., Greenwood, Miss., 1976.  The family is of American Origin, with early French-Canadian and French links.  A brief unpublished family "tree" has been prepared by me, from information obtained from Marjorie Pardue/Low and the book by Florence Rebeca Ray.

References:  51, 210, 213


     Jean Eleanor Rook (ID=157) married John Edward Low (ID=156) and her sister Minnie Farquhar Rook (ID=162) married his brother William Wilson Low (ID=161).  Jean and Minnie were daughters of George Rook, a tailor born in England, and Rosanna Glasco who was born near Prescott, Ontario.  Considerable research has been done on this family by Eleanor Low and myself.  This family is of English origin.  Records and photographs of this family have been partially organized and an unpublished Family "Tree" has been prepared.

(including AIRD, REED and TAYLOR branches)

     Mina Pilcher Tanner (ID=164) married Alexander Cloudsley Low (ID=163).  During the past 80 years, extensive research has been carried out on her ancestry by her mother Marinda Anna Reed/Tanner, her sister Anna Grace Tanner, her cousin George Edward Reed, and myself. Branches traced on her side include TANNER, AIRD, REED, and TAYLOR.  A massive amount of material is available on these families; some of it published.  This family is of English and Scottish origin.  One branch (TAYLOR) migrated to New England in the 1630's, and Mina Tanner descends from American Revolutionary Soldier John Taylor (1762 - 1840).

     Publications on this family include "The Reed Family Record", 1947, by George Edward Reed; "Compositions", 1978, by Marinda Anna Reed (1860-1919) edited by James W.A. Low; "Joseph Tanner and his family", 1978; "Our New England Ancestors: The Taylor Family", 1985, by James W. A. Low.

     Some branches of this family have been traced to before 1600 in England.  Records available are extensive, and it appears likely that some branches of this family could be traced back to at least the eleventh century.

     Documents and Photographs on this family are massive and only some have been sorted and organized.  Some material is held by George Edward Reed of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, while some is stored by me.

References:  53, records of author



     By Act of Parliament passed 18 March 1751, the official beginning of the year was changed from 25 March to 1 January commencing with 1752.  By the same Act, the calendar changed from Julian (Old Style) to Gregorian (New Style) by having the day following 2 September 1752 become 14 September 1752, and dropping eleven days.

     In Scotland, the calendar changed from Old Style to New Style on the date legislated.  However, in actual fact the year had been beginning on 1 January for many years prior to the official Act of the British Parliament.  It appears that the Old Parochial Registers recorded years as commencing on 1 January since at least 1700.  There could, however, be some confusion with dates in records before 1752.

References:  23, observations of Old Parochial Registers by author



     Much of the information in this family history was obtained from the Scottish census returns.  From these returns, it is possible to determine the approximate year of birth of individuals, from the ages stated.  The census "official" dates taken are:

1841 -  7 June              1871 -  3 April
1851 - 31 March             1881 -  4 April
1861 -  8 April             1891 -  5 April



     James Low (ID=101) was born at 25 North Street, Montrose on 22 June 1861.  No relevant name was found at that address in the census of 8 April 1861, just over two months prior to the birth of James Low.  The census shows this address.  It was apparently a rooming house used to house transient workers for the local linen mill.  The residents of this address are listed here in case someone wishes to search these names for a possible connection with Jane Mcdonald.

1861 Census:  Montrose
25 North Street

2 rooms:
   Alexander Maiden, Head, Married, age 51,
                  Linen Handloom Weaver, born Montrose
   Isabella Maiden, Wife, Married, age 49, b. Montrose

2 rooms:
   Jane Hershell, Head, Widow, age 68, Linen Yard Winder,
                  born Dunnichen, Forfarshire

1 room:
   Sarah Petrie, Head, Married, age 33, Linen Handloom
                  weaver, born Montrose
   Isabella Petrie, Daughter, age 1, born Montrose

1 room:
   Lillas C. Kennedy, Head, Unmarried, age 66, Linen
                  Yarn Winder, born St. Martins, Perthshr
   Jane Kennedy, Daughter, Unmarried, age 40, Flax Mill
                  Spinner, born Perth, Perthshire

The census of 1851 was also checked:  all names at this address were different and no relevant name was found.

References:  124, 125

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